Deloitte 2019 Intake



for london?


yep London. I applied for strategy and operations specifically and was placed in talent pool.

I have been told and been reading that being placed in talent pool is basically a rejection. Just wanted to see if anyone has made it out of there and invited to final stage.


Has anyone been invited to the assessment centre in Manchester on the 11th January?


Have you?

if so congrats


I was invited to partner interview for London FSO audit but can’t select a date as none are available?

Anyone else having same issue?


Yes. I have waited for about 20 days but still haven’t got any slot… I applied for investment management audit. Hopefully we will get some next Jan


I was put into the talent pool and then received a unsuccessful email on the 14th (went into my junk mail) - they didn’t give any feedback either which I think is quite bad for a video interview


Yes I have, thank you very much!!



I have received an offer too and was wondering whether they have updated your account yet so could can accept you official offer. I have received a call from the partner who interviewed me saying I was successful and a an email with offer letter attached but no update on my actual online account.



Congrats! I am applying for audit too and will attend the final assessment in Jan and deadly need some advice on the preparation. I have not got their call to inform of the details cause it is the festive time now.

  • How many parts did you go through during the assessment? For example, group exercise, presentation, and partner interview
  • What is the order of these activities?
    -Could you please share some questions that you were asked during the interview?
    -Was there any hard questions for the presentation?

I really appreciate your help!!!


hey, what role did you apply for?


Hey guys,

Regarding the International Audit & Assurance Deloitte service line, but I have found it difficult to pin down what the international service line actually means (I’ve seen the short paragraph on the Deloitte careers site). Specifically I am referring to the daily work - I’ve had a friend advise agaisnt this role as they thought it would involve ‘lower quality’ work usually outsourced abroad. Anyone able to provide any insight or clarification? Thanks!



Does anyone have a final stage for risk advisory? any suggestions? I will have mine in the middle of Jan.


Hi, has anyone apply to consulting summer vacation scheme receive an offer?


Hey, when is your interview?


Anyone has done the final interview or booked the slot for London audit? I have been waiting since early December but still haven’t seen any available slot yet…


yep I have applied to it, how have you got on in the application process? i have applied for digital designer


hey, i applied to analytics program, it has been more than 3 months since my video interview. no reply.


Same here. No slots available it says. I’m going to email tomorrow. Will let you know what they say.


Thank you, hope you will get some good news.