Deloitte 2019 Intake



london audit as well! but different service line. i did mine in mid oct, its been almost 2 months


what’s your current status on the portal?


its still shown as job sim completed. do ya know the difference if it changes to submitted though?


not sure but my friend told me that one of her friend got an update after the status changed for 2 weeks


Oh did they send u the same email as me? Have they got back to you after u transferred?


yeah mine is job sim-completed. Idk what it was before


hmm is it a good thing that we haven’t been talent pooled yet? :joy: i know a few who did it much later than us and got the rejection/talent pool email sooo honestly i have no idea.


yeah but i also know there are people who did later than us but got an invite for the partner interview, but yeah it’s good that we havent been rejected


did they do in audit/assurance?




Just received an email this morning from the Deloitte recruitment team stating that they’re extremely busy and will look to get back to me within two weeks

Anyone else apply for technology London? If so have any of you either been rejected or successful at the Job sim stage. I am still waiting for an outcome, completed my job sim nearly two months ago.


320 UCAS points


Applied for audit and it was around 4-5 weeks to hear back!


London office?


Tech consulting too! Any advice for best prep re. the job simulation and also are there any motivational (why deloitte, why this role type of questions?)

Any info would be really helpful thanks so much!! Gotta do it in next few days as just been invited


Hey I’m Audit and Assurance (Finance) - Reading Offices. Planning to do the job simulation within the next few days, has anyone got any advice?


Understand if you don’t want to help the competition, but if anyone has any tips about the questions I’d appreciate it :slight_smile:


Hi, I stated on my application I had ECs in regards to my results and sent them relevant documents. I had passed the immersive online assessment and then they rejected me because i didnt meet application requirements. I got to the final interview last year with the exact same application, so do you think i should give them a call? Don’t think thats really fair tbh.


anyone been invited to final stage after been put in talent pool?


Congratulations! Could you please share which topic came up for the presentation and which role you applied for? Many thanks!