Deloitte 2019 Intake



Evening everyone. Anyone going on a final assessment tomorrow (Monday 10th) in Bristol? If yes, do you know if its going to be just an interview with the topic you prepared beforehand or does it include other AC activities (group, tests, report writing etc.)?

I’m asking because I could not pick up HR’s phone call on Friday when they were supposed to give me additional details about the final assessment. My email says only final interview at the slot I booked but I am very skeptical about there not being any other AC exercises…thinking of turning up in the office at 9 just to be sure I don’t miss it. Much appreciated if anyone could share additional details :slight_smile:


Congrats, what is your business line?


Thanks! Transaction services.


Has anyone heard from Birmingham?


Deloitte Immersive test - any advice?

Has anyone done this test? If so, any advice would be much appreciated! Thank you


Has anyone applied for restructuring services?


How long did they take to get back to you after completing the job simulation? Also applied for transaction services have been waiting about 6 weeks now.


a person i know got accepted into mergers and acquisition. apparently there are few applicants for that department


Hey, I am ready to sit for the immersive online assessment, what does it include?


I am planning on doing it tomorrow, any tips?


yes, same - risk advisory; and chose extended enterprise risk management, what about you?


Hi everyone,

I’ve just finished my final assessment and have been offered a position for the 2019 intake. I found this feed extremely helpful and thought I would share some tips.

Job simulation:

  • Think about how you act in various situations and align this with the role you apply to.
    Practice!!! Record yourself on your phone,iPad. —Make sure you speak clearly, slowly and make eye contact. The more you practice the easier it gets.
    -Use the time you get to prepare your answer and structure it.
    -remember the information you are looking at during the tasks, there is a report at the end and you don’t get time to look over the info you’ve read. Take notes

Partner interview:
-Mine lasted 1hr 15mins, time is not a reflection on performance.
-Introductory question about who I am, they have no knowledge prior to the interview
-Presentation on globalisation and Deloitte, keep it concise and use examples. Be prepared to back up any additional questions on the topic.

  • Have answers prepared to relate to what the job actually entails
  • your experiences, times that are challenging, teamwork etc.

Be yourself and be comfortable. Make lots of eye contact and listen to what the partner is saying about themselves.

Good luck everyone


hey congrats! what role did you apply for and how long did you hear that you passed the job simulation after you took it?



anyone got the email from them saying that they will give an update by the end of the Jan?


I got it too saying by 31st january but doesnt say anything about talent pool


same when did you do the job sim?


29th october


what is your current status on the portal? i just checked mine it changed to job sim submitted from job sim completed


mine is submitted as well, i completed it a week and a half ago, but i don’t know when the status or if it changed. i applied for ts&a in london, did anyone apply and has already heard back about the job simulation or got a job offer, or been through the assessment centre yet? would really appreciate any response!!


hey i got it too, did my job sim mid nov so its been exactly a month… when did u do yours? also I’ve applied to london audit - FTSE. are you in the same service line? :slight_smile: