Deloitte 2019 Intake



so you’ve been placed in the talent pool only having done the online tests? not job sim? thats strange!


Has anyone actually been accepted after being placed in a talent pool?


i dont get why they’re not giving a decision and its been over 6 weeks. Havent placed me in talent pool or rejected smh
anyone rejected yet after job sim?


have been waiting for 8 weeks. and the thing is that dont say 3 weeks on the website if you cannot do that


i’ll Like to know the answer to that question too!


its very strange! thought they would let me do the job simulation in case they transferred me to another role, which i just got an email about doing today.


has anyone got the email about ur role being filled so asking you to transfer to another role?


which service line did you apply for?


if we haven’t heard anything back yet does that mean we’ve probably passed the job simulation? because quite a few of my friends have heard back and they’ve been rejected


hey, do you know when they submitted the job simulation?


Hey you guys,

I know everybody’s stressing out about getting a reply after job simulation - I am too (very stressed). But I have been reading Deloitte 2018’s WikiJob forum because I wanted to get a sense of what the timeline was like for the 2018 recruits. Seems like there were many people that waited close to three months for a reply after job simulation! No news right now is probably good news. There are some people that did the job simulation later than me and got an invitation/rejection. My guess is that I did good enough - but there are people that did better. Just got to remain positive and believe that you’re good enough!

It’s very hard to keep waiting and remain positive but it made me feel a little better - hopefully, it will for you guys too :slight_smile:


Hi, Do you know anyone who got an invitation for an ac for outside of london?

I read through this forum and havent seen anyone saying they’ve been invited to an ac outside of london


I’ve definitely read about people getting ACs outside of London. I also read studentroom and I think some people on that platform mentioned getting offers/ACs outside of London.

Correct me if I’m wrong haha


Yeah went through student room just now. Doesn’t seem to include advisory roles but IDK :stuck_out_tongue:


just wanted to get to know how long has everyone been waiting after completing the job sim, for me ive been waiting for 9 weeks


risk advisory… do u know if anyone has had an AC in london?


only for audit so far i think


they submitted theirs in like october


can i ask if it is for audit?


Is getting put into the talent pool given to everyone or does it legit mean your in the “next best group”