Deloitte 2019 Intake



Is that to say there are no delays for audit?

Finished job sim a while ago and haven’t heard back :confused:


I don’t know about audit so I can’t say. My portal says job sim completed and has done for 4 1/2 weeks. The hr person made it seem like I had not been rejected if that helps


Ah, thank you.

I honestly don’t know if no news is good news :confused:

I hope we’ll hear good news soon!


Received this today about tech consulting: assessment centers will be taking place from the week commencing 14th January 2019. We will be in touch in January via email to confirm if you have been successful at job simulation stage to attend a final stage assessment.


Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


I have heard from a friend; Manchester assurance is giving away ACs


Hi also tech consulting here. Could I ask when you finished your Job Simulation. I did mine on 12/11 and haven’t hear back anything yet. Also are you London office?? Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi mate what time did you receive this, I still haven’t heard back from Deloitte. Completed my job sim 6 weeks ago now :frowning:



Same, tech consulting here as well, although did my job simulation only yesterday. That’s so sad that they haven’t even told you and will only tell us in Jan. When did you complete your job simulation?

I applied for TS&A in the london office, what about you guys?


I completed my job simulation 17th of October.



I completed my job simulation 17th of October. I don’t know why they are being so slow.


Hey, did you email them to ask or did they automatically send that to you?


It was out of the blue. I did not email them. they did something like this last year as well and ended up rejecting me, so I am not holding out much hope.


Still not been progressed the the job simulation after passing the immersive online assessment almost 2 months ago now, don’t know why they won’t just send a rejection email at this point.


Ah, so sorry to hear that. It is honestly so tough. I am waiting as well. But don’t give up hope! Things could turn out for the better :slight_smile:


Thanks for letting me know, hoping things turn out for the best :slightly_smiling_face:


Honestly wish it would work out for the better but i have no hope in any of these companies recruiting departments. Just received the same email update on my application i got almost two months ago :joy:


What did you receive? Did you email them or chat with them?


The same email regarding that i have passed all the online tests but they are progressing people who they feel better fit the strengths of the role first and that i have been added to the talent pool. I have spoken both in the chat and emailed with them over the last 2 months and they haven’t been able to provide any update at all any time.


I’m so sorry :confused: it really is tough, the waiting is the worst. I really hope you hear something soon - let us know when you do :slight_smile: sending you lots of positivity!