Deloitte 2019 Intake



Hi guys I remember how hard the process is and happy to help anyone that needs help with interview and ac prep.

I got an offer from the big 4 a few years back but will do my best to help.

To make things easier I use a separate number to help people as I don’t come on here much as I used to. Feel free to WhatsApp or txt me on 0742 9344 465.

All the best!


Sorry to hear that – have you received an update on your application?

I am applying for TS&A, and have to do my job simulation today, any help on the kind of questions you got, and what you could have done better would be much appreciated, i am so scared as i am not sure how to prepare :///




Hey, I actually got placed in a talent pool post Job Simulation for the specific role I applied for. The email said that if there were any more available places in my track after all ACs were done, they would notify me. However, I got an email a couple of days ago saying that they were no longer recruiting for my role, and they would send me a list of other available roles to apply for in my location, and continue the application process in one of those, so it’s not necessarily a rejection! I got the email on Friday, so now I am waiting to see how that goes.


How long after you completed your job simulation did you hear back?


Good to hear that! May I know which role are you applying to?


Just got a Final stage invitation email from Deloitte for the Assurance role after waiting around 4 weeks. Can anyone share what will it involve? Any group exercise? Thanks!


Congrats! When did you complete your job simulation?



Can you tell us for what date are you attending assessment day.


about 4 weeks ago:)


I cannot book the AC slot from the portal at the moment. Hope it will open soon!


congrats!! did they send you a personalised feedback for job sim in that email? was told to get one regardless of the result :o


Which location is this for?




Hi, I attended a final stage assessment last Wednesday and found out I was successful on Thursday. This was for Audit in Cambridge. In my experience there was no group excerise just a 5 minute presentation in front of a director with a few follow up questions. Then a competency based interview which last for the rest of the hour. Best of luck with all of you applications.


Hey, congrats!

Was the competency-based interview with the director or another person?


The interview was with the same director.


Nice - that’s interesting, would’ve expected for there to be more exercises to do on the day.


Has anyone heard back for transaction support outside of london?


I have spoken with HR at deloitte and for anyone applying to birmingham for non-audit there appears to be a delay so don’t worry.