Deloitte 2019 Intake



yeah the questions were kinda weird because you couldn’t prepare for them so you just had to make up answers on the spot. They’re not looking for perfect responses so don’t worry :slight_smile: let me know when you hear back!


cheers :slight_smile:


congrats!!! applied for audit and have been waiting for more than one month. still not heard back yet… good luck!


I can’t choose an AC date yet so my guess is that they’re only just starting to give out AC invites… Best of luck to you !


Hey congrats firstly!!

I was just wondering whether your AC was for Post Merger Integrations in London? I applied to that division in the transactions division at deloitte and did my job sim a month ago also!

Good luck!!


yeah same role :slight_smile:


nice!! i hope to hear back soon… they said before the 30th of this month to me



Did anyone applied for tax consulting at London? I completed my immersive test two weeks ago and now waiting for Job sim. Did anyone got a final stage call for the same?


Not sure if you mean summer or FT, but I’ve applied for tax consulting in London (summer).
Completed my job sim 7 weeks ago and waiting to hear back :frowning:


Anyone applied for S&O summer internship heard back from them?


Just got put in talent pool 8 weeks after VI… :neutral_face:


Hey what’s the talent pool?


When did you receive the email?


Means I passed my VI but other candidates were better than me. Other candidates go ahead with the final stage but if they’ve still got room in after late January I’ll be put forward for the final stage. If not, they’ll let me take a look at the other roles available.


About 11ish this morning, but my emails from Deloitte always go to spam for some reason!


It’s a rejection. Same thing happened last year to me but i guess they do this instead to cover themselves.


Don’t think it is! Just means that other people at this stage were better.

I know people that have got flat out rejections and it’s obvious that it’s a rejection. My email actually says I passed the job sim but that there are other candidates ahead of me that did better that’ll take priority, basically.


did you apply for audit? you know people alr got a rejection?


Tax, summer. I know people that have got rejections at other stages but I don’t know anyone else that made it to job sim so unsure! If you’re FT grad then I have no idea where the process is at.


Have you hear do back yet?