Deloitte 2019 Intake



I’ve not heard anything back for S&O. When they told you about AC dates, was it you that contacted them? Or did they update you by email?


Applied for Strategy & Operations


no didn’t get a feedback - don’t think your meant to get one? they just gave me a confirmation email that I had completed it.


i contacted them, but it was extremely vague. She said I would hear back at the earliest this week (which I didn’t) but i saw people in this thread that said they were told they would hear back couple of weeks ago, so not sure what’s happening now


Yeah, we were supposed to hear back at the beginning of the month. Haven’t received anything yet


Applied to London’s Audit but have yet to hear back… very nervous as it has been almost a month. Has anyone heard back? Saw just one person in this thread who had a final interview.


Hey Sophie,

I got the same email. Anyone else received this email and actually been progressed through?


I got the same :frowning: Not too promising!


Same, more than a month actually, havent heard back anything




may i know when u submitted the job sim?


may i know when did u submit the job sim?


can i ask if anyone actually got a rejection alr after the job sim?


Still haven’t heard back! I completed my simulation 4 weeks ago


has anyone been able to choose an AC date? I logged in but it says “there are no bookable events at this time, check again later”


Congratulations! I havent heard back yet. how do you know you got an ac email/web? What and where are you applying?


thank you! they emailed me. I applied for transactions in London, how about yourself?


Transactions in Birmingham, well done again :slight_smile: when did they contact you? Also after the job assessment how long did you wait?


ahh nice! hopefully you get the AC too! They contacted me this morning :slight_smile: I did my job sim on 26th October so exactly 1 month ago, when did you do yours?


One month ago as well! Thank you, fingers crossed. I found the video interview very challenging so we will see. Good luck in yours!