Deloitte 2019 Intake



have applied to the technology programme, completed the job simulation over 3 weeks ago but havent heard anything as of yet


Would you be able to give me any advice with how to prepare for it? Are the video interview questions case-study specific or just general competency questions? Thanks


anyone heard back yet after job sim?


to be honest, there is not really much you can do to prepare. You will be given an email with a task on it to maybe analyse some data and then give your assessment to which one you would recommend the client. Dont really remember most of it but what I do remember is that its mainly asking you questions on how you would react in certain situations.

Just be prepared to analyse data and give answers around the data.

hope this helps, I done mine over 3 weeks ago and still waiting for a response.

best of luck :slight_smile:


Still waiting :frowning:


had final partner interview this week for FTSE audit


Congrats has anyone had a partner interview for transactions outside London?


can i ask when you did the job sim and how long have you waited for the outcome?


and it is based in london office? thanks!!


Hey Krystal, congrats and thanks for your info on the EY assessment day. What did you apply for at deloitte (and where)? Have you heard back yet?


for London, and about 2/3 weeks


How was ur interview. Was it difficult?


did deloitte even contact anyone after job sim??


just got an email from Deloitte response after doing job simulation and was placed in the talent pool. Does this basically mean it’s over for me then?


when did they say they would get back to you? did they eventually progress you or give you an rejection? for me, they said they will let me know on the 7th december if i get an AC or not but not feeling too hopeful.


Finished it on 9th Nov.


Thanks for sharing! Which program did you apply for ?


Anybody got news about S&O? Last week they told me they were adding AC dates at the moment, but nobody was able to tell me when we would get back post job simulation.

And also, does anybody know if the final stage interview also holds for Monitor Deloitte or do they have a different process after the job simulation?


Has anyone heard back for transaction advisory roles outside of London?


I’ve done mine on 14 nov but yet to hear back :frowning: did they send you a feedback report by any chance?