Deloitte 2019 Intake


Unfortunately I haven’t got my final CoS yet which why I was planning to call the immigration team because they’re ignoring my emails


a guy from my office who applied super priority around the same time (early August) still haven’t gotten their decision, even though it’s meant to be a 24 hours process.


Hey, it took me 5 working days to get a decision. Have you got yours yet? If yes how long in?


What! thats unfortunate. And yeah, apparently there is no number to contact the immigration team on - its only via email


Hey! That’s good to hear! I’ve not had my appointment yet. Just wanted to know if you’d managed to hear back within the timeline provided because i’ve opted for priority as well


he got an update yesterday. There a particularly unusual complication in his circumstances. I think the processing times are usually much faster.


Has anyone heard back from Kaplan after completing the on boarding tasks?



Still waiting to hear the location for my college


Is anyone else having difficulty trying to log into dynamic learning to complete the Assessment tests? Tried numerous time and I ether received an error message or the log in page remains in a loading phase.


Anyone else being asked to re-send their high-school & uni certificates even though they sent it months ago?


is anyone still waiting on the BRP?


Has the discoverdeloitte page been updated for anyone in the Tax service line? Just wondering what the “joining tax” section is meant to say…


Hi all, could anyone that passed the Immersive Online Assessment please share what their strengths and weaknesses were from their feedback?

Those who didn’t get through as well - it would be very useful to to know what attributes did and didn’t make it through?

Many thanks.


I passed the IOA and am about to do my Job Simulation later today. My strengths from the report were: Respect, Relationship Manager, Hunger to Learn. Weakness was Internal Drive (which, based on this forum, is the most common weakness). However, it’s also worth considering the strengths in relation to what you have applied for. I’ve applied for Consulting - Human Capital, and my strengths are really well-aligned with that role. If I was applying for Audit & Assurance, perhaps not so much.


Thank you so much this is very helpful!


Hi gradua19 how did you find the Job Simulation? I received the invite to do it yesterday so will most likely be completing it tomorrow. Happy to share any tips for other companies assessment stages in return!


Just finished job simulation. I finished writing up the email at last second. Since the time is up, the system just brings me into next part. The screen displayed “your answer is submitted”. I just worried if my answer of replying email will be successfully submitted to the recruitment team as I didn’t click Done Answer. Will it be a blank page of email submitting to them? Can someone explain this to me?


Hello!Can anyone share their experience with the job simulation please? Has anyone passed this stage? Any tips on how to prepare? I am stressed about the video recorded questions as I always get to nervous :roll_eyes:

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We’ve put up our experiences of the job simulation in the 2020 thread if that’s what you’re looking for.

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Hello, I would like to ask what questions they have asked and how long was the interview? Any tips? Thank you.