Deloitte 2019 Intake


congratulations ! I have already booked a slots in May. You can try to contact them in the online Helpdesk.


Ah can i ask you for which stream did apply to?:slight_smile: i contacted help desk, they said i need to wait


audit and assurance


Can i ask u the last question hehe, when were u able to book it? This week?


LOL. be free to ask me question. we can help each other. I have not yet attend the final. I booked it last week, when they emailed me.

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Hi everyone, wondering if anyone has any advice or is in a similar boat.

I attended a final interview for technology consulting in London at the end of March, and received a call back around 2 weeks later saying that I performed very well at the interview, but that I just missed the cut.

However they said that they would be back in touch after a couple of weeks once the other offers were dealt with to give further advice or a final decision.

It’s now two weeks after they said they would be back in touch, and about a month after the final interview.

Should I just move on and get applying to other lines/firms, or is this fairly normal for Deloitte?


have also been waiting for more than 1 month after interview, no response yet

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I would very strongly encourage you to apply to other firms, even if they’re lesser ones, unless you have a written offer in hand. Grad roles are closing soon and you don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket else you might end up with nothing.

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so i have to do a presentation on how deloitte can add value to its clients through its aduit delivery does anyone have any advice on how to approach this


I applied to FTSE Audit. Had my final interview before christmas and they basically said the same thing to me. it’s been 5 months now and i’ve heard nothing else from them, but luckily got an offer from another big 4.

My advice is don’t hold your breath on it, just in case apply to other places even if you’re happy with possibly taking a year out. you can always reject the offers you don’t want.

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Hi everyone, I have been invited to complete the Job Simulation Assessment and I know a lot of people are also quite nervous for this or aren’t sure what to expect so I wanted to summarise what I found in this thread:

  • Make sure you do your research on the role/sector you are applying for, (be prepared to interpret data).
  • There are numerical questions and situational questions similar to the Online Immersive Assessment.
  • There will be around 6 questions based on a case study.
  • Examples of questions you will be asked:
    – How would you introduce yourself to your senior colleagues?
    – Would you provide assistance to another colleague, who has to draft and offer letter, even if you have tight deadlines?
    – What does successful collaboration mean to you?
    – Explain how to figure out errors in a report.
  • Make sure you smile, keep your eyes on the camera and be confident in giving your answers.

Good luck to everyone!

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I just completed the job simulation assessment, if anybody has any questions feel free to dm me!


Hey! Can I ask you when were you able to book this slot? Yesterday?:slight_smile:



No not yesterday, I managed to book the slot a little while back.


Hi, Has anyone heard anything about onboarding or visa process? I’ve had the offer for months and haven’t heard anything for a while now.


hey, what department did you apply for?


Hey, i’m waiting to hear as well. However, I just received a mail about the start date today. I’m guessing they will be more frequent in the last 3 months!1

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that’s good but I’m surprised they sent the dates only now given that it was announced a month ago unless you just got the job, in which case you’ll probably soon get an email regarding discover Deloitte site, & the FB groups.


Hey may i ask when is ur final interview date?


Hi congratulations,

Do you know what you will be doing in your first year, what the job is, and what the training will entail?

Thank you very much.