Deloitte 2019 Intake


Hi, Has anyone heard anything about onboarding or visa process? I’ve had the offer for months and haven’t heard anything for a while now.


hey, what department did you apply for?


Hey, i’m waiting to hear as well. However, I just received a mail about the start date today. I’m guessing they will be more frequent in the last 3 months!1

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that’s good but I’m surprised they sent the dates only now given that it was announced a month ago unless you just got the job, in which case you’ll probably soon get an email regarding discover Deloitte site, & the FB groups.


Hey may i ask when is ur final interview date?


Hi congratulations,

Do you know what you will be doing in your first year, what the job is, and what the training will entail?

Thank you very much.


Anyone knows how strict Deloitte is in terms of their start dates?

I have an offer in place but due to a visa complication, I will almost certainly miss the start date by two weeks. I’ve discussed this with them on the phone multiples times but the only thing they say is that they’ll do what they can to help me start in time, which is nice but not very helpful as they didn’t say wether they’ll allow me to start late in worst case scenario.

I imagine some other people doing MSc will also struggle to meet the 8th of september start date (consulting) if they need a visa.


Do you not finish your MSc by then? I am currently completing mine as well, and even though my official graduation date is at the end of September, I would not have anything to do by the start of September.


unfortunately no, because you cannot apply for a tier 2 visa unless you have submitted ALL the coursework including the thesis. For people who start their MSc in October it can be challenging to submit the thesis a month earlier than the deadline, in fact I’ll probably have to submit it by the end of August if I want to have any chance of getting the tier 2 BRP by the start date.

I just hope they don’t automatically boot me out the graduate scheme because of this.


So I actually asked about whether I would be able to start my visa process as soon as possible because there are no pre requirements for the masters degree. According to the emails that I have received, the main academic requirement is for me to get a first/second upper for my undergraduate degree. It seems like I would be able to start my visa process before I even get my results.


you don’t need the results the rules have changed in the last 2 years, now you only need a letter from the university saying you submitted all the coursework.

Unless you have done a UK bachelors AND submitted your msc tier 4 visa from within the UK (i.e. leave to remain rather than leave to enter) then you don’t even need that, you can applying using you undergrad certificate.

unfortunately neither of these apply to me.


Just to clarify, Deloitte’s academic requirements are different from the home office, I’ve recently spoken to the immigration team and they said the home office (uk visa and immigrations) doesn’t care if you a first or a third, but you need to get a degree or uni letter in your current tier 4 visa before even submitting a visa application, which in itself can take 8 weeks.


Hey! Would you mind sharing what kind of questions they asked about the case study? And also did the video questions line up with your expectations? How useful was it to have a knowledge of Deloitte’s values and were there any questions that haven’t already popped up on this thread that they asked? Really appreciate the help!


hey, the video questions were exactly what i expected, apart from there were 2/3 more questions that i thought. ive made a list in my previous post on what is likely to come up and they all did. the extra questions were something like analysing data in 2 teams and having overlapping data - you had to explain how you would go about finding overlapping data and what you would do upon finding them.

another video question was in the case you had performed poorly on a task due to exam revision, what would you do for future instances.

the case study questions were fairly easy i found - numerical/case study was easier than online immersive assessment so i wouldnt worry about those.
there were also questions on writing reports and emails but i dont rememeber what the question was.

unless i missed something, Deloittes values were irrelevant in this assessment.

thats all i can remember, hope it helped.

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bearing in mind i applied for audit and assurance ftse


Hello guys, just wondering what those who have been successful in the London office are doing for accommodation. Thank you


Hi, was just wondering, have you received the visa application guidance email that we were meant to receive in May/June yet?

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Hello, have you signed contract?


I’ve got my visa advice email finally


Don’t think there is going to be any contract until summer I reckon