Deloitte 2019 Intake



Has anyone applied for Deloitte so far?

The process is as follows:
Step 1: Apply Online
Step 2: Immersive Online Assessment
Step 3: Job Simulation
Step 4: Final Stage Assessment


Has anyone done the first stage yet and have any tips? I am planning on doing it tomorrow


When I did it, it took me about 2 days to do (to get everything perfect before submitting).


You mean the Application Form?


Is there no section for uploading your CV and Cover Letter?


Alas not the last time I checked. You have to answer essay-style questions.


has anyone got to stage 3? I’m at that right now and hoping to get some tips on how to prepare


anyone had a go at the immersive online assessment yet?


How did you get to stage 3 when there is written that they need 3 weeks to reply after the immersive online assessment?


Yeah didn’t find it too bad to be honest. Although there was one numerical question that the wording just did not make sense to me.
How long did it take you in total?


Hello, did you get your feedback report yet? It says my weakness is the critical analyst. So nervous now. Did they come back to you regarding the outcome? Thanks


anyone heard back after doing the immersive


I think the immersive feedback is pretty instant, but not heard anything regarding progression


Anyone heard back regarding the outcome yet?


Just completed tests… Did anyone actually finish that in one hour?

Feedback report says Strengths: Numerical interpreter, Respect, Agility. Weakness was Internal Drive.

Lets see what happens…


Hey, I am ready to sit for the immersive online assessment, what does it include?


Hey, Just wanted to know if you got through to the simulation? i got the same weakness so slightly concerned!


No, and it’s almost 2 weeks… when did u do the tests ?


Definitely took me much more than an hour to do this and my weakness was internal drive. Heard back this morning though and made it through to the next stage - so don’t think time taken was a factor! Did the test 12 days ago for anyone wondering on time scales.

Anyone had a go at the job simulation yet?


I’ve completed the job simulation. It was more challenging than immersive assessment with a lot of video recording questions, numerical part related to case-study and written exercise.