Deloitte 2018 Summer Intern



I submitted my online application two days ago and Deloitte said I didn’t meet their requirements. I tried to find Deloitte contact number of the recruitment team but they only have email which always need to wait ages for their reply. I then used their online helpin website. When I asked them if they can tell me which part I didn’t meet the requirements she said “Apologise, but Unfortunately I am unable to provide feedback at this stage of the recruitment process as this is our policy.”
I dont want to be mean but when this happened to apply EY, they got contact number so I can talk to the recruitment team and they would explain the reason why you failed. Then I knew because they thought I was third year as I wrote my uni started in 2015. After I explained to them I actually had a gap year before so I will graduate in 2019 and I am second year now they said sorry to me that they made mistakes and gave me a new email about online assessment.
I’m really disappointed to Deloitte compared to what EY did. And this didn’t happen when I applied PwC and KPMG(at least I received online assessment invitation and came to Assessment Centre). I don’t even know why I failed so how can I improve myself next time?