Deloitte 2018 Intake


only one case study. most of the qns are not really technical… they just want to see how you would react if something happened

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Thanks! So its very ‘on-the-spot’ then? I guess I could manage that


I think so!! Good luck!! Make sure you do as quickly as possible when you do the numerical qns I found time is tight for that one!

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Thanks for your responses! :blush:


Hi Is the format similar to the EY one? How many questions do you get and how many are video? Thanks!
Thought it wasn’t time at the beginning and i did really slow for EY ended up being rejected after 20 mins…


There are lots of video qns definitely more than 2, maybe about 6 I don’t really remember,

And everything is timed including the numerical qns but SJT is not

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Hi, is that the EY Stage 3 learning on the job test? I’ve applied for Manchester Advisory scheme.
Would you please be able to give some tips / a few examples of the video questions? Are the video responses all based on the case study or can I prepare at all?
Bit nervous as this is my first one with video, so any help would be hugely appreciated!