Deloitte 2018 Intake


I’m not sure that online immersive test is related to any of these companies. I know that there are 26 questions in total, and I think 9 or 10 are situational/motivational, the rest is related to ‘case studies’. I have on paper something from last year so maybe I can send you over ( if you need a clue. Cheers


Hi, is this all video’d or are some answers suppose to be written down


While I was doing the test I wrote down some data as I was doing calculations on paper :-). And yeap it is online assessment.


would you be able to send me over anything if i passed on my email please


I cannot seem to find any of the grad scheme posts on the website. Have applications opened? If so, could someone please message me the link? Thanks

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The scheme opens on the 17th September :slight_smile:


yh maybe not…
It seems that was for still last year’s info.
Not sure why they’re taking so long in updating it this year.


Cheers. Just saw their tweet. Really bugs me that they don’t update the website.

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I heard that Deloitte is changing again their application process this year. Any news about it?


really?? which process will be changing this year? do you know that


Hi, im not sure if everyone else is having the same problem, but i have already graduated and when i apply for deloitte there keeps coming up with an error message that i should be in my penultimate year or final year with a confirmed masters?


What are you trying to apply for? I’ve applied for a graduate role and it’s gone through fine.

You could always contact them directly.


I managed to do it finally!
have you completed the online immersive test?


Anyone heard anything? I completed the Immersive Test a few weeks ago and have yet to hear anything. It says on my portal ‘Screening - Complete’ on Current Status


I think you will be hearing back from them next week. I got my job sim invitation a few days after the screening completed

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Have you done it? What types of Qs do they ask? Thanks.


Not competency type, all based on the case study and numerical qns and SJT


Hey! Can you remember what types of questions were in the video responses? I applied last year and was completely thrown off by how difficult they were :worried:


they are all based on the case study, such as what would you do if your co-worker asks for help etc. and there are numerical qns as well. i was also asked to write 2 emails

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Is there a specific case study used for the video questions or is it a new thing for each question? I can’t really remember what the questions were last year, but I think it was just a simple worded scenario for each question?? Idk