Deloitte 2018 Intake


Hi, congratulations! What did they say in the email after your partner interview about waiting time? I am still waiting for my result after the interview and had it last Wednesday


Thanks! They said last Tuesday they would let me know next week in the email. Then they emailed Tuesday to ask what time they could call on Wednesday.


Hi there, hope your job simulation went well! I received mine few days ago and would like to know more about the job simulation. Besides these questions (your proudest achievement, successful collaboration, respond to colleague who request for help, new opportunity of project, avoid overlapping staffs), did you meet any other questions about assessing other skills? Really appreciate your help! Thanks!


So lately I’ve seen plenty of spam accounts on the thread. I just want to advise you that all help on this thread is for free and you should not pay for anything to anyone! If you are willing to help then don’t advertise as spam and support people voluntarily. Helping others is a voluntary option and everyone on the thread is glad to answer for free! I got help from people just being nice, so I help others because I get it how hard it is to get an offer! Don’t get caught in scam and if you need help, feel free to ask and PM me. Will be more than happy to get you through this with as much help as I can!!! If you see a scam post, please report it so others don’t get scammed! Good luck to all applicants!


Has anyone applied for the Monitor Deloitte section? I had my final partner interview like mid-March, he seemed happy and said yes. Its April and still no offer has come through… I didn’t apply online so I have no portal to check the application status. Anyone know how long these things take?


hello! i will have my interview soon can you please provide some help if possible. Thank you


Does anybody that has received a graduate offer know of any Facebook group that has been created for the 2018 intake to join at all? I know there is a brightstart group however I can’t find a graduate one! If there is one, please let me know! Thanks!


mine was just a partner interview


Hi! Congratulations on getting the offer. Could you please throw some light on the final assessment evaluation?


How did people get contacted after their partner interview? Not heard back since 23/03


Through phone and later they sent a confirmation email regards the call. I suggest you give them a call or write an email to the recruitment team.


cheers! they said i’ll know ‘shortly’ on Friday…


Hi, I’ve been asked my availability for a PI for an audit graduate scheme nearly a month ago now, replied immediately and received an email roughly a week later confirming they received my availability. I emailed last week asking has there been any developments to no reply; should I be concerned I may not get interviewed? Despite confirmation that I have reached that stage and they have asked for my availability. Not sure if others have had the same experience going by the thread


Are you a school leaver or a graduate?




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Anyone heard back for summer vacation scheme lately? Did my job simulation 4 months ago


I did mine a couple of weeks ago. Still haven’t heard anything.


If anyone has received your contract, how long does it take for Security Watchdog to contact you after receiving the contract email?


I received an email from SW a week after receiving my contract, I had to chase up the onboarding team for it though, as I was told I’d be hearing from them as soon as I accepted the offer.