Deloitte 2018 Intake


I think I did job sim in january, got notified of passing it this month, i got a call saying i had an interview 2 days from that phonecall.


Yes, I had my live interview on the 27th and received an offer today. It’s a fairly standard interview as to the questions they ask, mine only lasted 20 minutes though, but it can take up to 40.


I waited 3 months before I received a response after completing my job simulation so don’t give up :slight_smile:


Accepted an offer for Financial forensics, anyone else going to be in St Albans?


I had my final interview on 12th March for Assurance (FTSE, London). I still haven’t hear back. Should I consider it a rejection?


Did you get an email saying when you would hear back?


May I know usually how long does Deloitte take to reply you after the partner interview? My interview was on 26th and I havent heard back from them yet.


around 3 to 7 days


Mine was on the 14th and they said that they get back to applicants within 2 weeks, I still haven’t heard back though


wow, that’s so long. Have you been in touch with them? Im going to email them if I havent heard back within 7 days.


They gave me the 2 week time frame so they had to reply this week so probably gonna email them tomorrow


Alright I see! All the best, will update here if I hear from them in the coming week. Thank you!


Hiii. Can you please advice me on how job simulation went?


Hey there. How are you. Can you please advice how job simulation went? I am really not sure how to prepare to job simulation.


Hey there. I am preparing for job sim however there is scarce resources. How did you practice for job sim? Any advice?


Hey there.
I am preparing for jo sim however not sure what to prepare as there is scarce resources online. ANy advice on this?


Hey! My interview was on the 14th as well, I haven`t heard anything, so I emailed them last week and got a response, that someone from senior advisers will get back to me, but still nothing. Not sure what it means and what to expect now


Hi. Congratulations on your offer. What position did you apply for and in which location?


Just got made an offer after having the interview last Tuesday! Risk advisory in Edinburgh.


Does anyone get a partner interview for audit graduate scheme at manchester office this month? Can I have some advice for the interview? This is my last chance and I would really appreciate any suggestions given.