Deloitte 2018 Intake


Hey! I received it within 4 working days, typically it takes 5. Congrats and which area are you joining and which role?


Brilliant! Thank you! I’m doing Audit - FTSE in London :slight_smile: How about you?


Audit - Brightstart in Southampton


I applied for a role in cyber security risk and transformation however was told last week there was too many applicants so I was going to be put in the future opportunities talent pool, I was then given the option to switch to the role of risk analytics which I have done. What are the chances of being successful in this case? Has anyone had experience with this? My job simulation is still ‘completed’ on the portal and they have changed me to Risk Analytics, so just waiting now.


So finally, after doing my job sim November 10th, I’ve been invited to an interview next Tuesday. This was after being placed in future opportunities back in January. So there is hope!


Hey! Congrats! Do You need any help with the process? Which location and sector?


I’ve got a partner interview next Tuesday too in London! The sector I applied for is tech consulting, any tips??


Really, spend time thinking about you and what sets you apart. Do you have any drive or achievements that you want to achieve? Think about your previous work and team experience as well as why you are so special and why this role? It is about being passionate and if you got so far already, now they would like to see you if you the person they saw through the tests, they want to see if you fit in and just bring and show your positivity. Instead of giving 5 good examples give 1 or 2 excellent ones and make them as detailed as possible. The interviewer might comment on your answer and say an example like “As you said, here at Deloitte we are passionate for what we stand for, so I definitely I agree” and if so then don’t be afraid commenting on that as well. Say something like “Yes, and that’s why I like Deloitte” or develop more on that. So if it feels informal, then make it into a nice conversation rather than just a plain & boring interview. Good Luck!


Thanks! Yeah, absolutely any tips are welcome! Edinburgh, cyber risk advisory. Is it just an interview and presentation?


Are you Graduate or Brightstart? Send PM so we don’t trash the thread :smiley:


I am quite lucky to have been offered a graduate position at a number of companies, my top two are at Deloitte and Aviva Investors. Deloitte: Graduate Business Tax Advisory in London. CTA and ACA qualifications in the 3 year programme. Aviva Investors: First year in London working in the CEO’s office, second year is a placement abroad. No professional exams. 2 year programme. I’m really struggling to pick between the two. Aviva sounds great because of the senior exposure and international placement in emerging economies such as Singapore and Hong Kong. Deloitte is Deloitte, I’m not sure what the career progression in terms of salary and future prospects is (I don’t see myself working in Tax for longer than the 3 year graduate programme).

If any of you guys can give suggestions about what to pick, or what factors to consider in the long-run, I’d be grateful! :slight_smile:


How long did it take for you guys to hear back after your final interview (audit) ?


It usually takes 3 to 7 days. I got mine within 3 days and the offer letter 5 working days later


Has anyone done the Live interview for Tax summer vacation scheme? Or something similar such as the partner interview? I’ve got mine coming up soon.


Thank you for replying! I am still waiting to hear but I am hopeful! I emailed them today hoping for an update! That may have been the wrong thing to do but I will keep you all informed!


I need to do the job simulation for the same position. How did you practice for it? What did you include?


What did it include**


There’s a few SJT’s which are easy and just assess how eager you are. The maths is ok, you have plenty of time. For the interview questions, ctrl+f this thread and search for job sim and you will find most the questions. None of them are competency based.


Thank you so much!


How long did you have to wait for a reply after the job simulation, and how much notice did they give for the live interview? Just wondering since I also applied for the tax summer vacation scheme and completed my job sim last week