Deloitte 2018 Intake


Did you have any luck?! I did this three weeks ago for the Leeds office and I am still yet to hear back :frowning:


Hi, I am still to hear back regarding my job simulation. It’s been over three weeks now so I am assuming I have been unsuccessful :frowning: I imagine they are overwhelmed with applicants at the moment! I wouldn’t worry too much. I will let you know if I have any further correspondence. Good luck!


3 weeks is not much going by Deloitte’s response times; I heard back almost 2 months after finishing my job simulation! Don’t lose hope, you have a good chance :slight_smile:


I did the job simulation in early december for Cyber risk in London, I keep getting regular emails that I’m still an active candidate and it will take time but has anyone else waited this long?


Hey, would you mind sharing some hints/advice for the partner interview? I have mine coming up next week and would really appreciate the help! Thanks:)


Just got offered a position in the London offices. Literally took them months to get back to me after the job simulation, but was fairly quick and smooth after that. It is strange that the contracts only get sent out in August, but I was told that this is because salaries might change due to the financial review.


Hey! I just received an offer and I am more than happy to help anyone who is going through the Brightstart or Graduate (I know less about these though) process. Feel free to PM me.


Hey! From my experience the partner interview is very relaxed (although I guess it depends on the partner), almost like a conversation. My tips: prep just a little around a couple of news stories relevant to your line as it can’t hurt, you don’t have to he an expert by any means so don’t need figures etc. The questions are fairly straight forward in my experience, e.g. when have you been in a team that hasn’t worked well. My advice: find their 7 conpetencies online and prep about yourself! They can ask 100 different questions about each point so always best to have two or three points around each one that you can adapt to the question, rather than being thrown off. And final top tip: ask questions, makes it much more relaxed and means the interviewer is talking for longer so you don’t have to! Ask how they got where they are, opportunities available, how teams work, and so on to show an interest. It’s not as daunting as it seems at first trust me! And good luck!

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Anyone got invited to Final Stage Assessment for tech consulting but still awaiting assessment centre/interview slots? not sure how long it takes to get one.


Yeah it’s super dependant on the partner you get. My interview was pretty horrific, but hey! I still got the offer. I guess it also depends on the service line, mine was audit and he wanted really specific examples and what I thought the general environment was/is and how its developing. Otherwise the personality questions yeah they weren’t too bad in the sense that you can easily bring examples, but the presentation and the q and a after was pretty bad imo. And yeah also the questions have at least 5 if you are bad with coming up on the spot but my partner had a v interesting career anyway so I actually managed to ask quite a few follow ups on those.


Exactly in the same boat… My status on the application homepage says that I have been invited to the final stage but the time slot has not been confirmed yet. I am just so concerned that the role might be filled already.


Which service line did you apply for and how long has it been since you got the invitation?


What service line & what is the location?


Assurance in London. Just wondering how long did it take to confirm the final interview for your application?


I did my video interview couple weeks ago on Friday and they called me back with an invitation 6 days after. The PI was 4 days after the invitation.


Any Deloitte’s London office - offer holders starting September 2018 up for buddying up for a flat share?

I’m looking for just 1 flatmate (preferably female) to share a flat with. Not yet found a flat but it would be great to find somebody who’s willing to share a flat with me and embark this exhausting journey of flat hunting together haha.

My ideal flat is a decent 2 bedroom flat, nothing too ridiculous in terms of price, preferably zone 2/3, East side of London. But of course, these are just my preference and you can have a say as well!

Do drop me a private message and maybe we can get to know each other etc and discuss further about flat hunting x


If you are Brightstart you could consider the new joiners FB page and find more people over there. I think this thread has a lot more potential applicants than actual joiners. Graduates might also have an fb page, I am not sure 100% about that in case if you are graduate. Hope this will help you! Good luck!


Hi Isabel, I was also transferred to enterprise app and did my job simulation mid jan. I was invited to AC after more than a month. So I would say its definitely not too late.


How long did people’s offer letter take to appear on their portal? And did you get an email when it did?


hey is this for the graduate role? i’m still waiting for a date too