Deloitte 2018 Intake


has anyone done the Job Simulation for Strategy and Operations/Monitor? Is it different to the ones described below?


what was your assessment centre like?


I have done it for S&O Consulting and it was the same format as the ones below


Has anyone had any experience with the Future Opportunities Talent Pool?


Similar questions as below well? I was in Future Opportunties Talent Pool - they’ll give you a chance to move elsewhere soon I reckon


Nobody should be buying these - you’re paying extortionate amounts for really obvious and publicly available information.


Hi, did anyone have a group exercise before their partner interview? If so please can you share any of the details?


is this for the graduate role?


What role in Digital did you apply for?


Also, I still haven’t back for the final interview for Digital even though they told me I passed the previous stages in early January. Any advice?


Did you pass the final interview or just the job simulation?


business analyst


Just the job simulation


Hi, I recently received an offer and sent qualifications but have yet to receive forms for the background check.
Is anyone else in the same boat as me or shall I call Deloitte?
Would also be happy to help if I can will check this post every now and then!


I wouldn’t worry that you have not heard back yet. I am in the same boat. Applications are still open for grad schemes so I really don’t think they have time to process our acceptances. It won’t be till the summer I reckon


Anyone had a final round assessment experience and could share with me? Ideally for strategy consulting but any sort of feedback would be really insightful


What was group exercise like?


Hi! Who else has an Assessment Centre in Southampton on 7th March? Would be nice to know you before the group task! :wink:


I did an IP at Deloitte last year. Background check forms, and signing of actual contract wasn’t done until the summer (July-ish). So I wouldn’t worry about it - no harm in asking though :slight_smile:


Has anyone here passed the online job simulation only to be told they might not be offered a partner interview due to other candidates being ahead in the process?

I applied soon after applications opened but HR took weeks to respond between each stage because of which I am now only desperately waiting to get a partner interview date.