Deloitte 2018 Intake


Hey, they’ve recently set up a facebook group for new starters and are slowly adding new members. You’ll probably get an email soon, I only got added yesterday! No idea about academic results, I’d just wait for their lead.


hi i have the job stimulation test and i’m so unprepared, any help?


hey did you do it and how was it? i have to do it soon


With my confirmation email it said to email verification documents to student recruitment after you accept the offer, i suppose you could speak to your recruitment contact and ask


HI there,would you mind telling me when did you have your interview? Which office did you apply for? Thanks


I had my interview a couple of weeks ago and I applied to Birmingham, but interviewed in Bristol. :slight_smile:

Don’t worry if you’re waiting a while to hear back- the recruitment team is really busy at the moment especially for certain service lines. I wanted to make sure I posted on here whatever my outcome- because I know that someone earlier wanted to know the feedback of people who were unsuccessful. I know when I interviewed at Oxford and didn’t get in, the thread I’d been following was full of “Just got my offer!” posts and I felt like the only one who hadn’t been successful- so I wanted to post whatever happened so that people who had the same outcome as me didn’t feel on their own!

But I was by no means rejected- I guess my situation shows that even if you feel like you’ve done badly at the interview (I didn’t get any feedback to say that I had done badly- I just knew myself that it hadn’t been my best performance), and have just missed the post by an inch, the company may still give you the opportunity to work somewhere else in an equally interesting role. It only took a day for my recruitment contact to email with another opportunity that looks amazing.

So- if you’re waiting or have been offered the same thing as me- don’t worry! You’ll hear back soon, and even if you feel like you haven’t done well you may still be offered another post to interview for! :slight_smile:

Which service line & office have you applied for? When did you have your interview?


Is it academic result dating back to college and school or is it only the degree qualification?


I’ve got this too! Hopefully hear something back soon, just nervous waiting.


Thank you very much for your reply. I applied Audit at Bristol office and had the interview last Monday. The partner said I would know the result the next day but have not received anything till now. I just feel maybe I failed because the rejection letter will take longer to process instead of offer call. Anyway, hope I can hear from them soon and get feedback from them. Thank you again for sharing your experience. Regards, Cassie


Regarding academic results: When I received my first email with an offer (not the offer letter email), it said to send your a level results within five working days of receiving the offer letter. I did this and received a confirmation email of receiving my a level certificates after a few working days (cant remember how long from the top of my head)


I wouldn’t get too worried yet, the response times seem to be all over the place. I got a call 3 days after the job simulation inviting me to an interview despite them saying it would be 3 weeks+, and conversely I got my offer call 2 weeks after my interview despite them saying 5 working days.


Hi! I sent mine broadly to student recruitment and got the usual automatic reply. Did you have to put ‘enquiry not answered’ to recieve the reply or did they answer regardless?


lol I waited 40 days for my offer after PI. Keep your hopes up!


Anyone done the economic consulting, economic case study interview yet?


Hi Olivia, I have a job simulation for tax and I am really panicking :frowning: do you have any advice on this ? If you do I’d be super grateful :slight_smile:


Thank you very much. I will keep waiting!


Hi, I’ve applied for the same service line and location! Do you know what types of things came up on the Job Simulation or generally what to expect? Thank you for all your help in advance :slight_smile:


Hey, I would be really grateful if you could give any details on what the assessment centre for Digital is like. Like the tasks and questions and any tips pleaseee. Thank you!!


Anyone else still waiting to hear back from the assessment centre on Friday 26th of Jan? (Tech consulting)
I know a few people got accepted but has anyone got any rejections? Not sure if the delay is because they’re preparing the feedback or maybe they’re just busy ?


How long did you hear back after job simulation? How your interview go and have you heard back from that as well?