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Has anyone applied for the Risk Advisory – Cyber Risk – Strategy and Transformation role? Either recently or in September/October?


Hey everyone! I recently completed the BAF Job Simulation and having benefit from this forum, decided to post my experience. So there are 3 parts- interview, written exercise and numerical. In the interview, all questions are situational so it is a chance for them to see how you would respond to different scenarios if you were to work in the firm. Apart from this they are also screening candidates on basis of personality ( can you talk with confidence and think of a response quickly?) There 2-3 mins to prepare depending on the question and context given to read and 2 min to answer. A helpful tip I received was to look into the camera and not yourself when answering the question (though there is an option to hide your face) My questions were-
-Something you are proud of (not assessed- they say it is only to get started and help us know you better).
-If 2 companies merged and there was an overlap what would you do to avoid that
-The report completed by colleague contains errors and he is on leave. Manager needs the errors to be fixed quickly.

  • What does successful collaboration mean to you.
    -you are busy with a project and an opportunity for new project comes in.

Written ( i think it was 7 mins)
The scenario is that you have rushed to complete the report to revise for an exam. Manager wrote an email mentioning that the report has many errors. How would you respond?

Numerical (25 mins to complete 10 questions)
This is a 2 page report and questions based on that. There is enough time and questions aren’t too difficult if you have done some practice before.

Hope this is helpful!

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Hey! Congrats on all of the offers!

I had my Job simulation and completed it yesterday. What sort of responses did everyone give for the written aspect (the grammatical errors and such) it was a bit of a bizarre question in my opinion! Still reckon it went well.

After completing the Job Simulation roughly how long does it take to get a response? What would be the next stage as well?

I applied for tax consultancy in Reading :slight_smile:


I applied for Cyber Risk - Strategy and Transformation in the London Office in October and I received an offer in December.


Is this service line highly contested?


Deloitte finally got back to me after my PI on 19 Dec. Got an offer for Assurance - London - FTSE. Gratz to all those who’ve been waiting and good luck for those still in the application process. =)


Got an update almost 3 months after completing the job simulation - I have passed it but can’t be given a partner interview immediately due to an extremely high number of applications. Further update to be provided by 23rd Feb, might or might not get an interview!

Anyone else in a similar situation?


Hey! which division?


I’ve heard that it is but I really don’t know for sure, sorry!


Audit. Are you in the same situation as well?


For anyone with an offer, is it really obvious when your offer letter becomes available on the portal? So far it says I have been offered a position but I can’t find a letter and am paranoid I’ve missed something obvious haha…


It says view your offer letter. It can take a couple of days after your offer to appear tho


Hi. I have my interview for audit with Deloitte next week. I am really quite nervous about the presentation and it seems they give everyone the same topic. Have you any helpful hints please. Thanks so much.


About to do the online Job Simulation (video, written, numerical). What type of questions do they ask? How do I best prepare?


They don’t really care about the actual content, it is more how you present yourself and engage the listener. I talked about quality vs grade, defining quality, then took a bunch of stuff off their website about how they present themselves i.e. tailoring their services to an individual client. The rest of the interview was just a chat really, no competency questions and nothing I really could have prepared for. The partner was really nice and it didn’t seem like I was in there for over an hour. Good luck!


Thanks ever so much. That’s really helpful. E


Found out today that I’ve been placed in the future opportunities pool. Does anyone have any experience with this, will it realistically lead to anything? Please send me a message if you’ve been through this stage too.


Called back about my interview yesterday evening, they said they aren’t offering me the job I interviewed for- there was only one space left, super competitive, but they were impressed and very much want me in the firm and are calling me next week to talk about other roles in financial advisory I might want. Not sure if this means more interviews?


Do you have to do a group exercise with Audit at assessment centre too or just interview & presentation?


hi, for those who made an offer, congrats! - do you know when we need to send our academic result for verification before onboarding? I haven’t heard back anything from Deloitte after i accepted the offer… feel unsecured…