Deloitte 2018 Intake


what position did you interview for?


I haven’t heard back yet but feel like it didn’t go very well, so I’ll let you know my feedback if I am unsuccessful :slight_smile:


Which office did you apply to? I interviewed in Bristol, and I’m not sure if the long wait is a London thing or a nationwide thing (currently experiencing a long wait, has almost been a week).


I’ve been waiting for about 3 days now! :frowning: it’s so frustrating, if they’re going to reject me I would rather know as soon as possible. I interviewed in London btw, but it was for a role based at the St Albans office.


I emailed my recruitment contact & she said that I should know the outcome by the end of - next - week (bearing in mind my interview was last Thursday!). I think they’re just very busy at the moment. I quite like that I know for sure that I won’t know until next week now though, because the constant “will the phone ring now?” anxiousness has mostly dissipated.


Has anyone’s Job simulation application status changed from “Under Review” to just “Job simulation complete” In the last couple of days? If anyone else had experienced this before or is currently experiencing it right now know what this means?


Has anyone done a final interview for the Risk Advisory- EERM role? Would appreciate any tips/insights thank you!


Thanks for letting me know! Seems kind of cruel to keep us waiting, don’t know whether to read it as a bad or neutral sign. At least you have some clarification though :slight_smile:


I have


Can someone tell me how long is the writing?(how many words do we have to write?)


You’ve heard back? What scheme did you apply for?


This is coming from me and a few fellow candidates who’ve interviewed at the London office before Christmas, none of us have heard back yet lol. I’ve had two calls telling me they need to benchmark against others and they’re entering peak period, so they’ll try to get back in the next 3 weeks…that’s 40 days and counting for me. Point is, don’t panic and be patient if you haven’t heard back since last week. =) Good luck!


Was that from the assessment day or the partner interview?


PI. I never had an assessment day, job simulation -> PI


I just received the invitation of final interview. I applied for the position in reading.


Yep, Tech Consulting


I have my partner interview next week for audit. So any advice on what questions were asked and how they prepared for the presentation would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:


what did they say?


Yeah but what scheme within tech consulting?


I have the indirect tax consulting assessment centre next week. Anyone got any tips on the group exercise, presentation or PI? Really appreciated!