Deloitte 2018 Intake



Hello all,

I was wondering if anyone has applied for the Deloitte Graduate 2018 intake?
If so, could you please give me an insight on the application process.

Thank you.


Was wondering if they still take applicants with a 2:2 degree, provided they have 360 UCAS points (old points system). Doesn’t seem to have that mentioned on their website anymore.



I am a new starter for the 2017 intake, for graduates in Risk & Assurance.

  1. Online application - Standard stuff
  2. Testing, numerical/Verbal etc etc
  3. Manager interview - This includes a 20-30 minute case study. Essentially you are given information on a faux client and you are asked to identify the KPIs within the business and how Deloitte can help them.
  4. Partner interview - Essentially another interview with either a partner/director. You are asked to give a presentation on a topic given to you at a prior date. Note that this is more of an interview of whether you fit into the team that you have applied to, I have heard from reliable sources within the firm that stated that many partners go “off script” and some even decide whether or not to hire you within meeting in the first 30 seconds!

My advice for you is to relax and don’t come across like a bell end.

Good luck.


Hi all! I wanna ask how long it takes to receive online test? I applied more than 1 week ago and still got no response from Deloitte.


How far is everyone into the process with Deloitte?


I’ve picked my service line and waiting for an interview date


Hi there, the selection process changed, did it? Did you do the online tests such as Verbal or Numerical like before? Could you mind telling me the application processes you have experienced? Thank you very much!


You do ‘online tests’ but it is extremely different to the other Big 4. Its a whole scenario and you are asked questions relating to the scenario. Some of the questions are situational judgement, some are numerical, some are logical.

Having also recently passed the tests for the other big 4 I must say deloitte’s was by far my favourite. Not the easiest in my opinion, but it appears much more relevant than the others.


Hi, when did you apply? I finished my tests about 3 weeks ago and got a feedback report which seemed to look good but haven’t been told if I’m through to the next stage yet.


Applied on 13th, Tests on 18th, Results on 25th


Interesting, I applied on the 7th, tests tests on the 11th, feed back report on 15th, no answer yet! What role and office did you apply to?


London Assurance, International service stream


Should have guess from the name haha ‘Audit’. Fair enough, I can think that is the only reason because I applied to consulting. I’ve emailed them, have to see what they say.


I’ve done the test about two weeks ago and I still haven’t heard anything. Got my feedback and my weakness is numerical interpreter. Should I assume I have no hope :frowning:


On to the 2nd last stage for Audit graduate position in London. It’s the online job simulation activity so a bit nervous because I’ve never done these. Has anyone tried it? Any help would be much appreciated :smiley:


What role and office?


Tax consulting. London office


I just received this email from deloitte:

Many thanks for your email.

Please be advised that we are still working on the benchmarks for the tests. We will contact you with your results as soon as the benchmarks are set.


What does it mean by benchmark? Like the pass mark? Do they base it on the results of everyone’s tests? I thought it was predetermined


I think they are just deciding on what they will deem is a pass based on numbers of applications and quality of tests. I thought it was predetermined but clearly not, perhaps too many people passed the tests in previous years.