Deloitte 2017 Intake


Deloitte application thread.


So it appears I’m through to the interview stage! However, there isn’t a confirmed date yet due to the high volume of applicants.

To anyone that has had a first round interview… What is the best way of preparing for the group exercise, case study and the actual interview?


I’ve just applied for Consulting and hoping I’ll be asked to complete the tests!
I’m mainly confused as to what the cosmic cadet one entails?? Also, did you find any practice sites with answers or solutions to the examples Deloitte give?

Thank you and good luck with your application!


I did it a few weeks ago, not much you can do to prepare. the case study is fairly simple, just revise the basics, profit margins and maybe a few ratios, they ask you general things like to talk about a project and what your role was - this is your chance to showcase what you’re good at. they ask you about why you want to work for deloitte, what you want to get out of your career, etc etc. do not panic, there wasn’t anything that threw me off, just keep calm and think about your answers carefully - best thing to do is just not to rush, they don’t mind you taking a little bit of time to think about your answer. There was a question or two that i was really unsure about but i still passed it so they don’t need you to be perfect!


Hey, basically the cosmic cadet app is a series of psychometric tests. I think there are 4 games that you need to do. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of anyone failing it so you should be fine.

With regards to the tests, I just got stuck in and did them - but I have always been good at those sorts of tests. If you google ‘practice cubiks’ tests then you should be able to practice well enough. Deloitte themselves don’t use the cubiks tests but the style is very similar. You can also google ‘practice aptitude tests’ to see other similar tests…

I hope that helps. Good luck with your application too!


Thank you so much for your reply! Good luck for your partner interview if you haven’t already had it. What stream have you applied to?


Audit London Sept 2017, and no just waiting for it to be scheduled :slight_smile:


Hi good luck on your interview! I’m applying for technology consulting with preference to deloitte digital. I’m due to take the assessment tests. I have a bunch of questions which I hope you don’t mind answering:

How did they assess you regarding tests - and was there an e-tray exercise? How as the critical verbal reasoning section?
Also how long did you spend on the questions roughly as I know there’s no time limit?
Any advice you could give for someone that’s not from a typical mathematics background?



Hi Guys, I applied for the Consulting- Human Capital Stream. Wondering if anyone has had their assesment centre? how should I prepare? what is it like? Thanks x


Hi, I just applied for the same on Monday! Have you heard back yet? How did you prepare for the application? Bit nervous!


Hey, sorry about the delay in reply. There is no e-tray exercise. The online tests consist of: Numerical aptitude, verbal reasoning and situational judgement questions. I found the verbal reasoning the most challenging,* but only scored below average on one of the sections. I still got through to the interview round despite this.

*I did a STEM subject at uni, so that may be why I struggled most with the verbal reasoning.

I tried to do the tests as quickly as possible whilst being as accurate as possible. Make sure you don’t rush yourself though. As for the numerical aptitude, I would suggest practising and practising. If you google ‘practice numerical aptitude tests’ you will find a number of useful (and free!) resources. Also google ‘cubiks tests’. I think these are more challenging than the tests Deloitte use, so they’re also good practice.

Please don’t worry about the maths test too much. I don’t think any of the maths in the tests is too challenging. Just remember to take extra care when reading the question!

I hope this advice has helped you. Best of luck with your application!


Hey guys just wondering how long did it take for you to hear back after completing the online tests (the SJT, verbal & numeric) because I finished mine 10 days ago and it still says that my application is under consideration
Thank you for your help !


Has anyone for technology consulting had an interview yet? I’ve been told I’m through to interview stage but no date yet.


Hey guys, I am due to have a fast-track day for assurance in London, I was wondering if anybody has had it so far, and if they have what type of things came up, what was the first round interview like and the case study? What was asked in the first round interview? Also what was the final interview like as well, what questions were asked and whats the best way to prepare?


Same finished the service line questionnaire and was told to wait.


That was really helpful thanks! I only replied now because I did the tests 3 days ago and heard back that i passed earlier on yesterday. I scored average on all except the last one which I got below average for too.
It was the logical reasoning bit at the end of the verbal critical reasoning. There are actually some good practice questions but didn’t realise Deloitte would be doing logical inferences too - they’re focused at looking whether a ‘conclusion follows’ or not and the other section which just made no sense to me really was the ‘true’ ‘probably true’ ‘can’t say’ ‘probably false’ and ‘false’ section.
Overall it’s important to definitely get the practice under your belt but I suspect it’s a threshold to pass followed by how good your application form was.


Kultar I did my tests on a Saturday afternoon and heard back Monday afternoon. Don’t take that into account too much as it seems they got back to me quite quickly with everything so far but it’s likely they’re just assessing others and looking through your online application as well.


Guys, is it safe to say that the list of “Deloitte competency questions” posted on WikiJob’s page is what I should practice prior to the first round interview?

Do you have any goals in the past and how did you achieve it? (achievement of goals)
Give me an example of when you gave a presentation (presentation skills)
Give me an example of when you have to make a decision (decision making)
Give me an example of when you have had to persuade someone. (Communication)
Give me an example of when you were involved in team work (social interaction)
Give me an example of when you were involved in a multi-task situation. How did you manage it? (planning and organising)
Why are you choosing Deloitte?
Why are you choosing Audit?
What interested you the most in the recent news? (Commercial awareness)

If anyone here had experienced the first round interview, could you shed some light please?


Hi guys,
I am about to have the verbal reasoning test. Can you guys suggest where can I practice for those? Many thanks!!


I’ve got through to the first interview stage. If anyone’s knows what questions will get asked and how the day will go then please do let me know.