Deloitte - 2016 Entry - Interviews (advice please!)


Hey guys,

I’ve applied to Deloitte’s consulting programme and managed to pass their online tests and chose “Business Model Transformation & Service Operations (BMT)” as my sector of interest within the Strategy & Operations section of MC. I have a first interview coming up soon (they haven’t give me a date yet), and wanted advice from anyone who has been through the process (regardless of the outcome).

I have been told to fully research the group that I have been assigned (BMT), why I want to work in that area, provide in depth knowledge of the work they do there and the qualifications that I will learn. I have answers to these questions in my head, but since this is my first interview, I’m quite nervous as I haven’t had much interview practise or know how Deloitte’s interviews are structured (both the first interview and the partner interview).

If anyone can shed some light on the type of questions they ask (even if your area for consulting was different to the one I chose), what they’re looking for, and what feedback they received, it’d be much appreciated and would help me out loads.

This topic will also be useful to other people who are applying to Deloitte Consulting.

Any small pieces of information or advice would be most helpful, thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Hi, I am in the same situation as you apart from I’ve applied for monitor Deloitte. Do you have any idea when they will organise interviews? On last year’s forum it doesn’t look like they started until late October/ November.


Hey, yeah I have no idea, they’ve just said they’ll be in touch shortly. If they don’t get back to me by next week then I might contact their recruitment team to try and see what’s happening.


Hey, guys! I am in the same situation, waiting for the first interview details (Monitor-Deloitte). Have you heard anything back yet?


Hey, I got an email a few days ago which informed me that Deloitte aren’t doing any applications until the deadline passes (4th November). Plus there was “Live Call” with analysts at Deloitte yesterday (the details of the call and how to join were in the email).

Did you get this email?


I am still filling out my application. Can anyone help with the application question which asks about the day to day role and what you expect to be doing? For consulting, I’m not really sure what to say.


Have you heard anything yet? I also applied to Monitor Deloitte.


Have you heard anything yet? I’m also in the same position.


UPDATE: So I got a call yesterday (1st Dec) informing me that I have an AC this friday. My friend also go the same call and we both applied for BMT.

Any tips from anyone who has done the AC please let me know!


Anyone else still not heard anything? Fear it can’t be a good sign that I haven’t…


Hi Ashk,

Can yo give some details of the AC please?

Thank you so much.



I’m applying to Monitor Deloitte this year, just wondering how you all got on? :slight_smile:



Would you be able to provide some insight into the interview process?