Deloitte 2016 Audit - New Online Tests


Has anybody been through the online stage for 2015 intake?
I believe the tests have changed from last year and there is no e-tray exercise anymore, can anybody confirm this?
What would be the best way to prepare for them? Are assessmentday practice packs sufficient?


Hello sillymeiail22,

I am not sure if they have the same selection process for all the programs but for the summer vacation they have following process:
Online app - online tests - e-tray - Interview


Hello sillymeiail22,

I think these tests are quite different to other typical numerical and verbal ones. Deloitte has changed their test provider from Kenexa to TalentLens. There are two parts consisting of follwoing:

Numerical Reasoning:
Easier than other typical tests but you have to be very careful as some of them will have the fill in the blank sort of numerical questions which I can’t seem to get right at all.

Critical thinking part:
This part includes Inference which is rating the probability of truth of inferences based on given information
Recognition of Assumptions which is Identifying unstated assumptions underlying given statements
Deduction which is determining whether conclusions follow logically from given information
Interpretation, which is weighing evidence and deciding if generalisations or conclusions based on data are warranted
Evaluation of Arguments which requires evaluating the strength and relevance of arguments with respect to a particular question or issue.

The only relevant tests that I could find so far are the practice ones available from Deloitte’ website.

Hope this helped. Please let me know about the results of your online test.


I had the exact same problem with the numerical reasoning practice test haha!!
I took the test on Friday so I’ll probably get the results on Monday or Tuesday.
I think the actual test was a bit easier than the practice one, and compared to the other big 4, there was plenty of time.


Thats is great, btw how did you tackle the motivational questions on the application and where else have you applied so far and which programs?


Sorry I didn’t realise that I asked you bit personal questions there, so I would not mind if you don’t answer them but please let me know what did you write for the motivational questions. I have also submitted my application last night and it is currently under review. Fingures crossed because I completed my secondary education outside of the U.K which might not be considered equivalent to GCSEs.


I just wrote about how I always want to take on new challenges, Deloitte provides this…increase of responsibility each year blah blah blah. It’s only 100 words max, so there really isn’t much you can write. Goodluck with your application, I’m sure you will be fine.


That is long wait mate


I read some where on these forums that they usually reply you straight after the test. Btw how did you find the tests?


hi zachgough, are u waiting to hear for ur critical test? if so, how was the test? is it similar to the practice they have provided on their website?
@sillymeiali - did u answer the motivational bit in bullet form or in para.

thanks in advance and good luck to everyone x


@zachgough94 : did you get all the practice ones right ? And if possible can you tell me the answers of practice questions of that eco dvd section. I still cant seem to work them out. Hope i am not asking much and thanks in advance because it will be great help


@every one: care to share practice numerical answers of eco dvd section and question 10 of that practice test


Thank you for trying mate. Hope you hear back soon about the numerical test. Btw for the critical peactice test what did you get overall in the practice test. I did the critical practice test and got about 70%
@ every one:
The best advise for the critical test is that you remember the definations of assumption and stuff and when you get the feedback report make sure you reqd the improvement bit which should help you.
Has anyone gone through the online testing stage yet? Please share you experience and also if some one can shed some light on the e-tray excercises that would also be great.


I thought there was no etray this as they changed the pattern - its only critical test this time round.
@arsam whats the time limit for this critical test? and if u dont mind could u please let me know if u answered the motivational bit in ur application in bullets or para form. grateful if u could plz shed some light.
@zachgough94 - thanks and good luck for the critical -


@ashakhan: I have not taken my online tests yet as my application is still under consideration. As per the selection process I am not sure weather it is same for all programs but for internship program it is online application > online tests > e-tray day and finally competency interview.
I have answered the motivational questions in bullet format as it clearly said so but that limits the quality as the word limit is only 100 words. As advised by other members on this forum, best approach is to honestly ask yourself why you want to join Deloitte.
Hope this all helped, by the way in your practice tests what sort of scores did you get ? I am trying to get an idea about what people have been getting in those tests.
@everyone: good luck to you all as I have noticed that I have been clumsy by not wishing luck to most of you


Thanks Arsam. Good luck everyone :slight_smile:


@everyone: did anyone hear back from their numerical test? I’m about to submit my application but the practice tests from TalentLens seems more difficult than Kenexa’s. : ( also, any insights for the Eco DVD session in the practice test?


@echo gao: my advise is to practice as much as you can.
@zachgough94, congratulations mate!


@arsam thx very much! I just submitted my application, finger crossed. Good luck with your application: P


Hello every one!
I hope you are all well. I have a question and I shall be very grateful for your response.

How long does it take for Deloitte to get back to you with regards to your numerical test results?