Deloitte 2016 Audit London - Presentation: What should I expect and has anyone had a similar question?


I would like to make a forum for the presentation questions, so that people can share their questions and then others can share their thoughts and advice. Please contribute if you’ve already had your presentation with your question and an outline of your presentation.
My question is:
“Topic: Our achievements at Deloitte are underpinned by an absolute commitment to quality. The pursuit of quality should be the number one priority of the firm’s Audit and Advisory services. Discuss.”
Later, I shall post my presentation outline.
Thanks everyone, you have been a great help this far.


Hi Dan,
How did your partner interview and presentation go?
I have been given the same presentation topic and I was wondering whether you could give me a couple of pointers on what to include?
Thanks in advance!


I have my interview for deloitte next week and have just been given this same presentation. Can anyone give me some points/ideas about what to include