Hi Guys!

I recently accepted an offer from Deloitte within Financial Services in the London office. Is there anyone else who is starting in the London 2014 intake? Also, if there is anyone who needs help with the interviews etc. please feel free to ask :slight_smile:


I am due to have my final interview soon and if I get through I’ll also be in the London office within Indirect Tax. Would you be able to tell me what sort of questions you were asked in your final interview and give any hints and tips that might help me get through it?


Have you had your final interview? Hope it went well for you :slight_smile:


Hi, Firstly Congratulations on your offer, you must be really happy.
I am currently applying to Audit at Deloitte and wondered how you structured your ‘Career Motivations’ questions, I always find these really dfficult to get right : (
The questions are 1.Through your research and in your own words please explain five key reasons why you are interested in joining Deloitte
2.Showing an understanding of the day to day role please tell us what you expect to be doing in your first year in your chosen service line.


Hey guys

I’m joining the London office this year in Risk & reg managed solutions. Anyone else joining or if you have questions about interviews etc let me know :slight_smile:


What makes deloitte exceptional?

what makes them different?

What is attractive about the firm?

Have you heard of deloitte university?

have you heard about their matrix style of leadership??

Have you read profiles from the recruitment website and wondered where will i be 5 years from now with Deloitte??

That is how you should address the first question.

Day to day first year in service line:

Read about the service line, watch videos on youtube about people that work there on deloitte’s account

will you study?

ACA exams preparations, feedback and results, assessments of your performance?? promotion based on development??

The answers are out there, all you have to do is listen!!