Deloitte 2013 start



Just thought i would start a thread for 2013.

I have just today had my first interview with a line manager. Standard competency questions however the interview did end up lasting 1hr 15mins. He asked for 2 examples on each competency. This wasn’t because my first examples were bad, it was just because he said that when it comes to writing up final notes to go with your application, it looks better if you have given a wide range of examples. The interviewer was quite young and suprisingly seemed a bit nervous himself. I supposedly hear back within 3 working days but dreading it because the weekend falls in between.

The only advice i would give is not to talk to long on your first example as sometimes you are left with very little to say when probed to give a second example.

If anybody has any questions or wishes to write about their experience, feel free to comment.



could you please share the questions here?