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Just thought i would start a thread for 2013.

I have just today had my first interview with a line manager. Standard competency questions however the interview did end up lasting 1hr 15mins. He asked for 2 examples on each competency. This wasn’t because my first examples were bad, it was just because he said that when it comes to writing up final notes to go with your application, it looks better if you have given a wide range of examples. The interviewer was quite young and suprisingly seemed a bit nervous himself. I supposedly hear back within 3 working days but dreading it because the weekend falls in between.

The only advice i would give is not to talk to long on your first example as sometimes you are left with very little to say when probed to give a second example.

If anybody has any questions or wishes to write about their experience, feel free to comment.



Hi Jab

I have also applied to the audit program for 2013. Just recently passed my e-tray exercise. If anyone wants any question answered for the e-tray, then please ask me. I will try and give a detailed answer.

I have a question for you jab. What type of questions did the interviewer ask. As in can you please give me example questions?

Kind Regards


Hi Abmo,

I’ve got my e-tray excercise coming up. Any advice on how best to prepare for it? Also what exactly did it entail?

Well done on passing it! Hope you get in



e tray is alright.

this is how my day went.

I first went into the office being the first one there. All other candidates came one by one and we were all taken to this room with laptops on desks.
Our first task was to look at information and reply back to emails. This task was 1 hour long. The information was broken down into 3 folders. One was about your own organisation, the other was about Trafford Lea’s organisation and the last folder was about the situation facing the business.

My advice will be to first drag the bottom task bar to the left hand side and open up all documents from the first folder and keep them opened as it will save time when you are trying to refer back to it.
Also spend the first 10 mins reading all the info. Skim read it as there are a lot of information. Then spend the rest of the time answering the emails.

Watch out though as when answering emails, you will always need to refer back to the information given. Also read the job description of trafford lea’s staff as there are two questions which are there to trick you.

Then you go on to the written exercise. You are given 40 mins to write a recommendation about which acquisition trafford lea should take. Spend 5 mins reading the info, then spend 25mins writing your answer, then spend 10 mins looking over for spelling and grammar mistakes.

I say this because in order to pass this part, you need to be really accurate in the way you write and spell. 3 spelling mistakes and you are out of the game. Structure wise, I did this:

Dear xxx,

I would recommend xxxx because …

However there are also weaknesses in which xxx can improve on (and talk about how your company can help them)

There other two options also have strengths because…

I would therefore like to clarify my recommendation as being xxxx.

Kind Regards,

Something along those lines should do the job. Good luck with your e tray and hope you pass. If you need anything else, then just ask. I have my first interview tomorrow . Pray for me :slight_smile: x


Thanks so much mate. Good luck for tommorow and yes I’ll pray for you :smiley:

Just out of curosity, are you applying for a graduate role or placement? I’m applying for a placement year.

Thanks once again


Hey, also did you experience any difficulty in choosing a day to have your e-tray exercise. Cause atm there arent any slots available whenever i check.


Can anyone help with the competency based interview in terms of questions asked and type of preparation needed for the interview.



I am applying to audit full time. going to graduate in 2013 :slight_smile:

When I tried to book my e tray, there wasn’t any slots available but one morning, one came up for newcastle which was close to me.

In terms of my interview, this is how it went:
They ask you questions on communication, planning and organizing, problem solving, achievement and career motivation.

For each competence they ask you for 2 examples each.

Communication - time when you had to give a presentation, worked in a team

Planning and organizing - when you had to plan and organize something (2 examples)

Problem solving - when you had to make a decision, when you had to solve a problem

Achievement - When you have achieved a goal

Career motivation - why audit, why deloitte etc

There was no commercial awareness questions guys.

Good luck though, it aint too bad :slight_smile:


‘Hey, also did you experience any difficulty in choosing a day to have your e-tray exercise. Cause atm there arent any slots available whenever i check.’


The etray will now have to be done much the same way as your numerical test. So at home and online. I know Deloitte are working on this at the moment.

What scheme are you applying for and which office?


Oh right. Thanks for that.

I’ve applied for the audit placement scheme at the birmingham office.


Hi everyone,

I recently passed my E-tray for a position on the graduate scheme (audit), and now have to book my first interview. I am also happy to answer any questions about the e-tray, as well as tips.

I have to book an interview via email, never had this before??

Also, i was wondering how many people get to this stage?


Hi MH123,

Can you explain the format you used for the written essay in the etray.

Also, can u give any tips on answering the questions for the email simulation test.


Hi Jeeves,

I started my email with the company I have chosen and why…

Unlike others, I spent 2/3 of my email on this as I believe it is the most important. Showing off your economic knowledge, along with the many reasons why you chose your company, really shows off your excellence in decision making.

I then obviously spoke about the other 2 companies, and gave one or two stand out reasons why I did not recommend them.


  1. Spell correctly - there is no spell check

  2. Be as formal as possible

  3. Perhaps (like i did) write down all the (important) facts about the companies - this makes it a lot easier and quicker when writing your email.


task bar trick, im sure you have seen this around

check your answers twice, you can make lots of sloppy mistakes, dont just click the obvious answer as more times than not you have to think a little harder

good luck


Thanks MH123, those tips will definitely come in handy.

Although I haven’t heard of anyone who wrote the essay as you did, with the bulk of it describing why you chose your company.

Do they still have the companies such zambezi online etc. If I remember correctly an online company, a book store and a store with books and dvds or something along those lines.


yes that is correct.

Content > Structure


Hello guys,

I am trying to book my etray but cant find any slot , what should I do know should I contact them?? or shd i wait as suggested in one of the comment above that they are working on it.


Hi Fahadi

To be honest they dont tell you too much when you call them. Its usually ‘we’ll let you know when its ready’. Since i’ve already called them, I wouldnt bother doing it again nor would I advise it.


With having received an offer, i cannot stress enough how much you have to continously ring them to get through the process. The HR team have no input on your final job decision so it does not matter if you bug them.



Thanks for your comment , are you facing the same problem as I am jeeve?



Yeah I am. Its a bit of a joke to be honest.
Which office are you applying for and what position


Congrats! Which office are you applying for.