Deloitte 2013 Offer


There is quite a lot info about different stages in other forum topick - DELOITTE 2013 START



First, I’d like to congratulate you on receiving the offer from Deloitte!

On your post you mentioned that you’re an international student, I am one as well, and because of that they have put my application on hold after successfully completing the e-tray. Did you have had to wait long, if at all, for your application to be taken off the waiting list?




Congratulations! I am going to have a presentation soon, just would like to know whether you also did the presentation on how corporate world will learn its lessons from the financial chaos. If you could share some tips and hints on the presentation and interview, I would really appreciate it!


anyone for the actuarial scheme ? I have past the etray and still waiting for an interview


Hi guys,

got my offer for the securitization team within Banking and Cap Markets a while ago.

If you have any questions about the interviews/presentation please don’t hesitate to give me a bell.

Also if you have an offer for audit give me a bell. It would be good to know who I am joining with.



Congratulation Edraynor. I am going to have my presentation soon, and my topic is Do you think the corporate world will learn its lessons from the financial chaos of the last three years? Could you please give some thoughts on the topic. I think that I am going structure my presentation as follows:

  1. What lessons from the financial crisis?
  2. What lessons have been learned?
  3. What lessons have not been learned and why?

Hey everyone, just received an offer for IP. Ask me anything :]

Few tips to everyone…

Firstly. places are very limited these days not only with Deloitte but across all industries and organisations. I applied for a position where my chances were less than 2% and many people just don’t understand how much time you have to spend on researching the company and the position. After all, you want to work for them and they want to see that… You could imagine how many people just apply and do not show anything different from average which doesn’t cut it…

Secondly, if you are a good candidate and do your best you should make it to the partner interview. At that stage they already know you are more than good enough to do the job, but what they want to see is someone they would like to work with. So think about this when you go to your interview/s, and honestly - be yourself. I’ve made it to the partner interview with few other companies and did my best but did not connected with the partner and I wasn’t surprised not to receive The Call…

Lastly, be prepared to be put under pressure on your partner interview. I received questions which a second year student, that does not even live in the country atm has no chance of knowing (e. g. What could you tell me about the scandal with a kidnapped girl that was on the news two weeks ago. Was the media right to bug her parents house?)
They don’t expect you to know the answer, that’s the point, but they want to see how you could handle and exit the situation. Doesn’t matter what you replay… just say something smart and be calm (e.g. I admitted of not being familiar with the case but referred to a similar case in my home country).

Good luck to everyone and happy holidays.



Hello, i just had an interview at Deloitte for the position of an intern in business tax. I want to know for how long should i wait for their reply? i had the director round today.


Hi everybody,

I got an invitation for IBM assessment center next week and im really worried because im a foreigner. I’m actually Indonesian but im currently doing my Masters in South Korea and i will be travelling from South Korea to UK just for the interview. So its kinda a big burden for me. Do you guys happen to know if there is any foreigner usually in the assessment centers or how may percents foreigners are there usually there in the assessment centers?

Thanks so much!