Deloitte 2013 Offer


Hi Everyone,

I have just received a phone call two days ago for being offered a place of 2013 intake by Deloitte.
Feel free to ask me any question regarding the application stages.
I would never be able to get this job without the help from Wikijob.

I am an International student, therefore if you have any other question for me please feel free to ask.
I will be online for the following week and try my best to answer all of your questions.

Best Regards,


Could you share some questions you got in the interview? And also what about assessment day? What kind of case study did you have?


Hi shiz_2008, the first manager interview was quite structured to those competency areas you can find on their website. The services line I applied (Audit) does not have a group assessment centre.


Well done on the offer. Any pointers for the partner interview? What commercial awareness questions were you asked?


Hi, hero2k,

I’ve got a partner interview coming up for audit soon. What advice can you give me and how soon did you hear back from the partner after the interview?


Hi Hero2k,
how soon did you hear back from the partner after the interview? got my own partner interview coming up soon, what pointers could you give me?


Thank you so much for your reply. What about the final interview? What questions did u get?


Hi umcho, thank you. Different people have different opinions about the partner interview, some people said they were grilled during the process and some people said that they just had a casual chat. I was very lucky because the partner I met was really friendly and asked a few really good questions regarding my presentation. Do not be afraid if the partner ask something challenging, they just want to know if you really understood the topic and it is also the part of the process. Always be ready for a recent news that can be linked to Deloitte to impress your interviewer.


Hi JaneDoe1, good luck to your interview and I would suggest you to really think about your career motivation and why Deloitte. The partner that I met he asked these two questions. Make sure you really like Deloitte and do a lot of research specifically for Deloitte! Also make sure that you really understand what are the auditors doing, always show your passion and be friendly (some people may get too nervous) during the interview. Try to find someone who can help you to prepare your presentation as well! I had my interview on Tuesday and I heard back the news on Thursday afternoon. Very efficient!


Hi shiz_2008, you are welcome. Please refer to my reply above and feel free to ask more :slight_smile:


HI Hero2k

I have my first round interview coming up and have seen so many different questions being posted on wikijobs, i was just wondering if you could tell me the ones that came up for this years intake, for example did a question on adaptability come up? This would be a great help thanks!


Hi ubigmofo, you need to prepare two examples for each competency area and prepare two extra examples for decision making, therefore the adaptability question should come up. The competency area can be found at: Also remember to prepare the regular questions such as why Deloitte, why the service line you applied. Good luck mate.


Hey Hero2k, congratulations on the offer!
I was wondering whether you found the e-tray test difficult? I have passed the numerical test and that’s the next stage for me.
As to being an international student - I am one as well and one of the emails said that my application will be put on hold if and when I pass the tests because they will consider home applicants first. Did you have to wait long before being invited to the AC/ interview?


Hi Yama, could you tell me which position u applied for?
I will take the numerical test in 2 days , however the email said “will take about 20 min”, I wondered whether it use SHL or not, since Shl always takes us 25 min to finish.Thanks :slight_smile:


Hey Ruiruico,
I applied for graduate with strategy consulting, 2013 intake.
The test was 25 minutes and it was SHL. I’m not sure, whether they use the same tests for all service lines, but I would think that they would still be SHL.
By the way, I also did the numerical for PwC and that one was also SHL, but shorter - around 18-20 minutes.
They probably can have a varying number of questions, but the format is essentially the same. There even were some very similar questions in these two tests that I did.
As to the content, nothing too difficult - some ratios, proportion, couple of currency conversion questions and that’s about it.
Hope this helps and best of luck!:slight_smile:


Thanks Yama!
I finished numerical and yes it was SHL as well, and it was quite similar with some other numerical tests I did these days.
Do you think they will ask to take further verbal test? I am really bad at it :frowning:
Good luck to you too!


Hey Ruiruico,
I didn’t have to do the verbal one for the strategy.
Numerical was followed by the e-tray that I have just found out had not passed:( was probably too nervous, because there isn’t anything too difficult.
If you have the e-tray, make sure that you keep the documents in the folders open on the task bar so that you don’t have to waste time going from one folder to another searching for information.
Good luck with the process!


Hi Yama, thanks so much for sharing experience and did you take e-tray at home or assessment centre?
Wish you good luck for the other companies!


You are welcome:) I did the e-tray at the library, it seems they tend to give you as many tasks to do on your own rather than at their office as possible.
By the way, the written task does not come immediately - only if you pass the e-tray.
Good luck!



I will have my first interview next week… I’m quite nervous just because I live outside UK and it will be a bit of a journey.
I applied for Corporate Finance-Transaction services division? Do they focus on the main competencies during the first interview despite which division you apply for? Did you get commercial awareness related questions during the fist interview?
Are competency questions quite straight forward like “give me an example when you had to make a presentation” or are they bit more tricky? Can you share some examples if you had more roundabout competency related questions?