Deloitte 2012 Top Talent Fast Track Events


Hi there,

I have been invited to attend one of Deloitte’s Top Talent events on tuesday and I was wondering if anyone else is in a similar position, or will be attending any of the upcoming Top Talent events over the next month.

It says in our email that:

"These events will allow you to find out more about our opportunities and what a career at Deloitte is really like. You will take part in an interactive workshop to assist you in your careers research, gain further advice on interviews as well as meet recent graduates, now working in Audit, Tax, Consulting & Corporate Finance.

In addition to this we are inviting you to sit the Etray stage of our recruitment process. Once you have successfully completed the etray we will be able to fast track your graduate application to the interview stage."

I wanted to know if anyone is doing anything in particular to prepare for this event and if so, what they are planning on doing. With regards to the Etray test, I am assuming that it would only include the test itself and not the interview stage afterwards - as seems to be the new set-up.



Ive also been invited to the event but the dates dont really work out for me! Regarding the E-Tray I sat mine a few weeks ago and youre right there is no interview only the test itself which is 1hr for multiple choice responses to emails and 40 minutes to compose 1 email yourself.
Let us know how you get on at the Top Talent Event :slight_smile: