Deloitte 2012 Summer Consulting Scheme e-tray exercise, please help!


Hi everyone,

I have been reading through all the posts about Deloitte and am still slightly worried. I have my e-tray assessment next Thursday in the London offices - very nervous! If someone knows the answers to my questions, your help will be greatly appreciated!

  1. From what I have read so far, I understand that the e-tray exercise requires you to make decisions about which e-mails are high or low priority, and answer multiple choice questions about them. Would it be possible for anyone to give me an example of a simple type of e-mail I may receive, and what the answer would be? Does anyone also have any recommendations of which free online practise tests to try out?

  2. For the second part of the exercise, how is the information presented to you? On which basis would you make a decision about the company to recommend? To anyone who has passed, would you be able to give me an example of the sort of points you made in favour of your argument?

  3. Do Deloitte at any point as you do re-do the numerical/verbal reasoning tests in their assessment centres?

I understand that my questions are asking people to go into a bit of detail (cheeky me) - but your help/answers will be greatly appreciated! This is my first ever interview/ e-tray type of thing, so I am very very nervous!


Hi, I will have e-tray day next week, how was your e-tray day going, i hope it was successful…do you know the answer of the questions you asked? could you help me please? thanks so much…



i also have an etray quite soon. did u manage to get any pointers and tips on what is expected of us?