Deloitte 2012 Partner Interview


Dear all,

Have one of these coming up for tax. Would really appreciate if anyone has had their one, to expand on what actually happens. I don’t even know what the presentation topic for tax will be, so if someone knows that would be helpful.

Is it purely based on your presentation and then you get questioned on it? And then competency questions?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



im gonna have one soon
how was yours what did they ask during the interviews ? did you get the job ?


Hi is the partner interview similar to the first interview as I know there will be a 5 minutes presentation but any other information will be very much appreciated. Thanks


Dear All:

I had a partner interview yesterday but it was for audit. I thought I shed some lights. i had a 5 minutes presentation to produce, however the subject was given to me with the email telling me I’ve been successful in 1st round interview.

Partner started with aggressiveness challenged me regarding the presentation for a good 5 - 10 minutes. Then he challenged me with other commercial awareness questions, one of them I remembered vividly on ‘what would you do if you are running Deloitte for 1 day’
He then moved on to my CV, and asked me on that for around 20 minutes. such as my experience exchange at Hong Kong, a SIFE project in Uganda and Summer school in Malaysia.

I think it went well, but it was extremely challenging, alot of commercial awareness question but none competency for me. Also, a giant tip is to follow the flow, I know he’s looking for personality but it’s important to remember whose the dong in that room :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been waiting for 36 hours now for the phone call from Deloitte, really nervous. and Good luck you guys :smiley:




Hi all,

I am going to sit for the E-tray exercise next Wednesday and in case I pass it, I will be invited to attend two interviews the next day. I read that the recruitment process has changed, is this true? Do you know whether the manager still ask candidates to provide reasons for their choice regarding the written part of the e-tray exercise? Can anyone help me about what I am going to be asked at the two interviews?? I have read so many threads but now I am a little bit confused as I read some older posts which describe the recruitment process slightly different… :confused: I forgot to mention that I have applied for the Fast-Track Graduate Audit Programme. Any help would be really appreciated, as I do not have much time to get prepared for all these things! :confused:

Thank you guys!!! :slight_smile:


Hi Yang,

I have a partner interview coming up. Can I ask you for some advice? how did the interview start? did you go straight into the presentation and how did you introduce the topic?