Deloitte 2012 Graduate

Civil Service Fast Track

Hi guys,

I was just wondering if anyone can give me a bit of advice. I have my e-tray excersize next tuesday! Very excited but also nervous. I am aplying for the 2012 graduate scheme. I was wondering if anyone who as been there can help me out, either this year or previous.

I have looked through the forums and I am going to do the civil service one, just wondered if anyone else could give me a heads up.

Also on the website it seems unless you get offered ‘fast track’ then you have to come on 2 seperate days for the interview, if you are succesful at e-tray. How likely is it to get offered this? Has anyone done it? Worth it or not?

Thanks for any help, much appriciated.

If I get the job I will be posting my guide to getting the position. If I don’t ill let you all know what I did and you can… not do it!




Hi Joe,

I just got my offer today and will be writing it up later. The advice I’d offer about the e-tray is what other people have said.

Open up all the info available to you before you start looking through the e-mails, that way you’ll have a rough idea where to look and you’ll save time. If you glance through everything before you begin, you also get used to where everything is by the end.

Make sure you open any attachments. This may seem really obvious but for one e-mail I didn’t notice the attachment and guessed the answer before realising it was there. It’s stupid but you are so pushed for time that things like that can happen.

You have to answer about 20 questions in the time (I think it was an hour). They are looking for speed and accuracy so aim to complete them all and know that you’re probably going to spend more time ones with attachments (not always, but generally). Plan your time accordingly. I must admit, there were a couple that I didn’t know the answer to and just guessed so I could move on. This might not’ve been the best move but I still got through.

I can’t really think of anything else. If you have any specific questions about other parts of the assessment day I’ll try to help. Good luck!



Firstly congratulations on your offer! Where is it for/what service line?

Did you have e-tray on one day, followed by 2 interviews on separate days?

AND is it still trafford lea!?

Thanks so so much,



Hey I had a look at Deloitte’s advice and Trafford Lea is still there so I presume that will be the case study. I’m still waiting for an AC date so I can’t say for definite!



I also have e-tray day on tuesday! Which office are you going to for your e-tray. Mine is at Newcastle.


Thanks Joe

Yeh it is still Trafford Lea. My offer was for Tax-GES-ECO and the AC was slightly different for me. I’m not sure if it was because it was tax or london. I had 3 separate interviews on the same day, after lunch. 1st e-tray interview for about 30mins, then 1 hr competency interview and then 45min partner interview, all done by different people. I’ve written up about all my interviews in the GES-ECO thread if you want to have a read. Feel free to ask anything else and good luck!


hey can anyone tell me the likelyhood of getiing a rejection on just the application form?


Apparently about 50/50…



Grats on your offer Ashoon.

Im still wondering what the etray day will be like. According to the email I received it seems the etray day will occupy 2.5 hours and does not mention interviews (apart from the one about your written assessment). I am not sure if I should be preparing in detail for competency based questions as well. Since the selection process (link below) seems to indicate interviews after the etray day.

So… etray day… just the etray assessments or competency based interview as well?


Hi all!

I am in a similar position to most of you, I am having my e-tray day on thursday and I am still wondering whether the day will include the e-tray exercise as well as an interview. As a matter of fact I would like to know whether after the e-tray exercise we are gonna have to discuss our actions with an interviewer and whether such a discussion will be assessed. It would be great if any of you people who are having their e-tray day tomorrow could post their experience here! I will keep posting under this thread regardless of the outcome of my application; let’s all do that and keep informed!
Good luck to us all!


Hey, I can only offer my experience which was applying to tax, which I think was slightly different to the other service lines. What I would say is ring/e-mail your contact and they should be happy to tell you the format of your AC. I wrote mine up here:


Hi again,

I’ve been trying to do some E-tray practise tests. Just wondering… would I have time to read through the material before the timer starts or would the timer start as soon as you’re given the laptop? :S


Hi balu129, the timer starts after you’ve gone through the instructions and clicked the start button (can’t remember what it’s called exactly but it’s something to that effect). There is ample time to read the material during the time allowed. Just remember to keep an eye on the timer and don’t spend too long on any one email.


I was similar to you balu, had mine yesterday in Birmingham. 40 minutes for that e-mail is very little time. Just about managed to summarise my feelings on each option than make my reccommendation. Good luck. Whats the chances of us hearing from them today I wonder?

*edit, I passed, woooop.


Hi everyone,

I have my e-tray exercise in manchester this week and I am wondering whether doing the tasks involves any specific business-related knowledge or is more like common sense and intuition that is involved?Also, do they use Outlook?


Hi Flyby,

No commercial awareness questions. Just common sense really. It is similar to outlook, but its just a program made for the test.


hi everyone,

i have an e-tray on friday…just wondering, if any of you know where can i get some practice examples from, other than the civil services one…thks a lot.


Hi everyone,

I have an e tray day on friday (12th) and would really like some help!

Could anyone tell me the following:

  1. Is the case study the Trafford Lea one still?

  2. How does the e-tray exercise part actually work? When you read each email do you have to select an answer (like multiple choice) or do you have to provide a written response?

Also how long does this part of the test last?

  1. Can you tell me more about the written exercise? I understand you have to pick between three businesses that Trafford lea will take over? How long does this part last?

Thank you in advance!

:slight_smile: x



I have just received my email today to say I passed my e-tray.

In answer to your questions,

  1. Yes, Deloitte never change the company.

  2. You have 6 in there already, with information preloaded on to the laptop, you use it and then according to your responses to the 6 emails (multiple choice), you get one back. I got 28 emails, 7 of which were all at the end and required no reply. You get an hour, but it was fairly straight forward I finished in 30 mins.

  3. Yes, exactly as you said. You get 40 mins.



Hi I will do my best to answer your queries.

  1. Yes, still Trafford Lea. Just read over the information on the website and make some notes. Pretty much all the prep required.

  2. It is like multiple choice yes, you don’t have to write a response, that would take forever! The e-tray lasts 1 hour and for me the time given was ample, take your time and open all the information and have a brief look at them before even opening an email.

*tip- move the task bar to the side rather than across the bottom, that way you can open all documents and see were they are easily.

  1. The written exercise is only 40 minutes long and you are making an acquisition recommendation to you manager. This is very time pressured, I think all of us in the room just about finished. Make sure you talk about each option, giving a summary of whats good/ bad about it. Then finish with the recommendation.

You’re welcome :wink: