Deloitte 2012 Graduate Scheme


Hi everyone,

Got offered a position on the 2012 graduate scheme yesterday, so will be starting in London with Deloitte in September 2012, and cannot WAIT. I still have an application under consideration at KPMG having completed the assessment center, but will not be withdrawing it regardless of out come as I am sure it is Deloitte I want to work for.

Wikijobs has given me alot so I will give something back! I am not going to write another walk through guide as there are plenty, but if anyone was any questions if I can answer them I will. I have done Deloitte application, Online Tests, E-tray Day, Fast Track Day and with KPMG the form, the tests, a telephone interview and the assessment center.

Also, anyone who will be working in London 2012 at Deloitte feel free to talk on here, or add on facebook. It would be useful to talk to someone about it before I get there!



Hi Joe!

Firstly congrats on your success! I have also applied for 2012 start for the Audit service line. I am awaiting a date for my second interview (partner intervew). Did you have one of these? What was it like?





What department were you in? That’s very quick - I’ve been waiting for the phoen interview with KPMG for weeks, and still waiting on e-tray results having done it nearly 2 weeks ago with Deloitte!



@ balu129, I am in Audit too! Yes I had a partner interview. It consists of a five minute presentation, followed by a 10 minute set of questions. This is quite easy as you can prepare. Just make sure you have really read around. Answer the topic, whilst making sure you lean it towards audit. The audit partner is going to like it if you have gone out and analysed company accounts to find out what there really showing and where the weaknesses are, in my opinion. The partner interview for me was then a grilling on the why audit/what is audit, and then some talking about adaptability (as this was not in my 1st round interview), was it the same for you? It dosent need to be daunting. It varies from partner to partner, but the person you have is an expert in the service line you want to go into. It can be an opportunity for you to say everything you know and find out more!

@stanmoor, Audit. Don’t mean to dishearten you but i had an assessment centre with KPMG a month ago and still have heard nothing. I withdrew my application today. You will get there with deloitte, my experience with Deloitte london are that the team are really good at working for you.



Congrats on the offer Joe!

Im in the process of applying for a position in Audit, also for the London office.
I wanted to know what the salary was for such a position?


ive got to be honest i dont know! i havent had a contract yet



Did you do your E-tray on 2nd Aug at London office? Did you get your travel expenses back yet??



Hi SpaceGirl,

Yes I did complete my e-tray on the 2nd of August, and no I have not received any expenses back yet. I am assuming by your questions your in the same position?

Joe x


You must have been at the same one as me! yes i still haven’t received the money I claimed for £67.

What commercial awareness questions did you get asked on the FD day? x




Hi Joseph,

Congratulations on the offer. I have applied for Audit in the London office, i have just found out my partner interview is on Tuesday. When do you think i will find out the topic of my presentation? I have started preparing today, going through the Deloitte website first. I found also that adaptablility was not covered in my first interview, so i gues i should definitely prepare for that.

Do you have any other advice regarding preparation? Did they go into much detail around commerical awareness? or was it predominantly career motivation and why deloitte?

Sorry if this seems like a bit of a grilling., haha.

Congrats again



Just found out today that I passed the e-tray day! I was convinced I failed it, so it shows there is hope!! What’s the average wait for the next interview day?



I have got my e-tray with Deloitte tomorrow, hopefully should be OK. The advice on this site has been really good. Will let you all know how it goes


@stanmoor; It varies. Mine was 3-4 weeks but think the applications are going through faster now

@micheal2k100, I have replied to a similar set of questions, ill find it and then inbox you what I said

@spacegirl; Just know whats effecting the industry really. Your main comercial awarness question will come after your presentation, so pick something that intrests you/you have been following and know it inside out. The more intrested you are, the more likely youll get your partner interested


Hello Joe,

Well done for getting the job!

I was wandering whether you had the opportunity to start earlier? i.e a Spring intake?

thanks for the pointers, got my final interview coming up in Audit, London. could well meet you soon!


Hi Joe!

Thank you very much for your insight! I actually asked my interviewer if she will be asking anything on ‘Adaptability’ as she mentioned she is going to ask examples of all of the competencies but adaptability. She did not ask anything but I believe she was trying to get me to speak a little about it in my other examples.

I also have similar questions as Michael. Your input would be awesome. :slight_smile:

  • How long before the interview were you given your topic?
  • Was your topic a macro-economical issue or something directly to do with Audit?
  • Did you have to make power point slides or any visual aid for the presentation? Did they have a projector/ computer there for it?



@playerone: I am currently studying in my second year of university anyhow so I havent really asked if I can start early as I graduate summer 2012.

@Balu; Ill inbox you the same response I did to micheal. But to answer the bit about visual aids, the only thing you can do is create a handout. There is no access to anything else.


Congratulations Joseph!

I too am applying for a position at Deloitte and have similar questions to balu129,
if you could please tell me how long before your interview you were given the topic? and what kind of questions they asked you after your presentation?



hi joseph!! congrats on your offer… I am planning to apply for Tax 2012… any specific advice for application? and any tips for the online tests?? I believe its jst numerical test ???