Deloitte 2011 Starters


Any Deloitte 2011 starters out there?
Care to share office and service lines and any info given about start dates, office visits and the referencing process!


Audit in Leeds!


Hey somebody tell me what to fill in

Through your research and in your own words please explain five key reasons why you are interested in joining Deloitte

Please give some idea as this is my first ever application for pro job


Transaction Services in London.

sriamrox: Some pretty standard reasons in no particular order include

  1. Study ACA (Give benefits)
  2. Opportunity to work with competant colleagues
  3. Quick progression and early management responsibility
  4. Opportunity to work in different locations and industries + good exit opportunities
  5. You think you will find the work “fascinating”

Its very important that you read the website thoroughly and make sure your grammar and spelling is perfect - should be enough to get you through the application form. Good luck!

No specifics on start dates or salary yet unfortunately. Last year people started in early September on 29.6k so I suspect it will be similar. Not sure what you mean by the “referencing process”. London offices are really nice, especially in service lines outside of CF which is still in Athene. They recently (1-2 years ago at least) moved Tax/Audit to some brand new offices.


Hey jon_tom : I know it is not wise to ask help from others in application process but still thanks for your ideas. My question is I want to set my future in Information security path as I am a recent graduate from Information security and computer forensics and I am talking about IT audit and not financial auditing.
I am bit confused in selecting a service line as many service line asks for 5 years residence whereas I am an international student with 2 years work permit.
My interested service line is IT risk assessment / IT security.


Hmmm, i’m not sure you will be able to apply for Forensic IT Services - I just had a quick look at their international info here

and it appears that they are unable to sponsor applicants for this service line. I don’t really understand the requirements but I suggest you apply for something that isn’t one of these - there are good opportunities to transfer once you inside:

■Consulting – Human Capital, Operations, Strategy, Enterprise Applications and No Preference however please note we are accepting applications from candidates who require sponsorship for Consulting - Technology Integration
■Corporate Finance Advisory
■Reorganisation Services
■Analytic and Forensic Technology
■Transaction Services
■Public Sector Audit - London
■Our BrightStart scheme

Hopefully some of the other international students will be able to give more insight. Are you are a resident in a country outside the EU? You could also try sending HR an email.


Hey guys!

I had my AC last week for Tax and was told i was successful over the telephone. How long did it take for you guys to get your contract posted?


Congrats k_panye!

Which location? My contract took 3 days to arrive and (apparently) expired after 2 weeks.


hey jon_tom58,

was that your contract that arrived or the offer acceptance letters?, as Ive sent my offer acceptence off but they said the contract comes around 8 weeks before we start.


My offer letter arrived a week after my AC, and I don’t think we will get a formal contract till 2 months before like mancman said. Does anyone know if we would get the 7k loan before or after we start?


Hey guys,
Out of interest, how long after passing the phone interview did you get contacted about the first interview? Then how long after the first interview did you get contacted about the a/c? I passed the phone interview three weeks ago for London audit and am worried that the vacancies will fill before I go to an interview.
Would appreciate any responses :slight_smile:


hey after my phone interview, i waited around 5 weeks for first interview, then after the first interview i waited around 2 weeks for the AC (but waiting two weeks is i think not normal as in this was quite quick, i think people usually wait abit more)


Hi Jon_tom58,
Thanks for the reply. I’ll be at the London office for Tax. I’m hoping my formal offer letter/ initial contract will arrive end of this week or beginning of next one!

I’ve heard that the 7k loan is available about 3 weeks after we start (someone asked during my AC lunch) but i guess it might change for this year?

Also, were you guys given a rough start date in the offer letter?

I think i heard back from my initial screening telephone interview within a week and then heard next day for my 1st round interview and on the same day for my AC results. I think it all depends on which office/department/how busy they are so I wouldn’t worry too much. Maybe give them a call as its been 3 weeks?


I just realised you meant how long the waiting time for interview AC slot is! I had to wait about 5/6 weeks after my initial screening interview for a 1st round and about 4weeks for my AC.


Ok, thanks for your comments guys, very reassuring. :slight_smile:


Hey all, I’ll be joining Ops Consulting in august.

The 7k loan comes with the first pay packet after you start.


I’m going to be doing audit in Nottingham :slight_smile: Anyone know if regional branches have office visit days or anything similar?


Audit in Southampton.

I had my offer letter online 3 business days after I heard from the Partner. Haven’t got the letter by post, although it’s hardly been a week since my AC. I accepted the offer online and printed the offer letter.

Is this normal? Anyone?


I’m surprised that your offer was online - not something i’ve heard before. Maybe they’re trying to save postage (cheapskates) or could be a Southampton thing. Out of interest, what rent are people aiming to pay in London - how much is affordable?


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