Deloitte 2011 Consulting


awesome post staussy!
got an email today saying they’ll contact me next week to set up the first round interview

can anyone approximate how long it may actually be before I have my interview?

Telephone interview was about 10 minutes long, of which she was speaking for amount 2-3 minutes.

  1. What is it about the firm that appeals to you?
    2.What are the core activities which you think you will be doing on a day to day basis in your first year with the firm?

staussy: no, I didn’t really get their hint at first. I think it is now too late to switch. However, I think the best strategy would be to get into the firm first and change your division later.

I will have my telephone one soon, they only asked you two questions? which means I will have to talk for 5 minutes for each question? In that case you need to say a lot about why you want to join their firm.


@Supert28 I find it strange they only asked you two questions. Anyway for your second question did you expand on your application answer? As for your first interview, HR should get back to you within 3 days.


i had telephone interview last week and have face to face next week. to be honest i think telephone interview was just a formality and you will only find it difficult if they ask you a question and you really kept it short or had no clue. it is just to sieve out those applicants who are applying with no research or knowledge about the job or those who cant communicate at a reasonable level.

i was asked the same 2 questions. spoke for about 4 minutes each. she was very pleasant but did not prompt me in anyway which was fine because i didnt expect her to. hopefully at the interview i will get prompted if they want any further information but it is the scenario and the impression i give in general which i am most concerned about!


Hey guys!

Yeah, only two questions. This was for the London office, so I’m not sure if that was factor in determining how many questions were asked.
Right at the start of the interview she said she would be asking me only two questions, and she told me what they were going to be.
So, take that into account when trying to figure out how long each answer will have to be. After specifically telling me that there are only 2 questions, the likelihood of her asking anything else is very low, even if your answers are short,

I would say aim for about 3-4 minutes per question.


For the second question
I basically mentioned everything that was in my application, just to be consistent
Aside from that, my answer was mostly based on what they have on their website
Things such as working on projects, travelling to clients(A LOT), working towards deadlines etc.


I had a phone interview several days ago. They asked:

Why Deloitte?
What will be your day-to-day activities during the first year in your service line?

Good luck!


I had a phone interview several days ago. They asked:

Why Deloitte?
What will be your day-to-day activities during the first year in your service line?

Good luck!


Although this is a UK site, does anyone know about the recruiting process in Deloitte United States - what goes on during the interview, how many interviews, questions asked during the interviews, etc. A prompt answer would be appreciated.


Is anyone here applying for tax. Submitted my application on Monday got an email today inviting me to do the online test. I have done 2 so far. Failed 1 passed 1. Is it just the usual SHL stuff?




Hi i have been using this thread discreetly and thought it is only fair i contribute to the litany of advice
I had my telephone interview last week the questions are
Why Deloitte?
What do you think you will be doing in your first year
Tell me about the core services in your chosen area
By the way i applied for corporate tax,
i have been invited for the online numeracy test which i am somehow scared of :wink:



I have just passed my first interview for consulting EA, and am waiting for an AC. I am very worried that spaces will fill up before i have a chance to attend an AC. Is anyone in the same position? Anyone else going for EA? I sent my application in November so im worried that i will be bottom of the list as i gather thats quite late! Any info would be greatly appreciated. PM if anyones wants some details of the EA first round interview.



Can anyone outline what they were asked for the case study?How did you solve it?


I doubt people will actually give you the answers ^^


Hey I gave my take on the case study:) But I would like to hear other peoples experiences


Hey guys

I applied for Strategy Consulting but they filled their vacancies before I even got a first round interview. They’ve put me forward for Enterprise Applications, but I’m not too sure what this division is about. I’ve got in touch with them and researched into it, and I’m not too sure EA Consulting is for me really. Sounds effectively like IT Consulting to me. I know Deloitte is a great place to work, and the salary is pretty good, but I’m considering doing a masters at UCL instead.

I’ve currently got an offer to do an internship at another Big 4 for this coming summer, so thinking I might withdraw from Deloitte and reapply for next year.

What do you guys think? A few of my friends have told me to just do the interviews, and if I get an offer, it’s a great opportunity to start a career. EA isn’t what I originally wanted to do; am I just being fussy? What’s your guys motivation to work in EA? Long-term career goals etc? Do you reckon there’s much lateral movement into Strategy etc?

Any thoughts are much much appreciated!




@Sharmy - Seems like your head is set on Strategy, so why not take up the internship and apply really early next time? EA is similar to IT Consulting but not as technical, basically it’s all about configuring Enterprise Resoruce Systems for clients


Is anyone else waiting to attend an AC?? What happens if they fill up do they reject or withdraw your application??