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I have seen a few posts regarding 2011 entry but people seem to be posting on different threads. So I’ve decided to create a new thread purely for 2011. Please feel free to post your experiences and advice!

Here’s my experience from 2010. I went for EA last year. After I submitted my application I was invited to take an online numerical and verbal reasoning test, Deloitte use SHL so make sure you practice their tests. My next hurdle was a Telephone Interview. This was quite straightforward, I was asked Why Deloitte, Give me an example of when you had to deliver a difficult message, What is your understanding of professional service firms. Afterwards I went to the first round interview which I found a little tricky, my first task was a local government case study. Further details can be found here confirmed that Deloitte will be using the same one for 2011) The interviewer probed me on my knowledge of outsourcing, systems implementation and redundancy. As for competency questions he asked me the following:

Why Deloitte?

Why EA and not TI?

Give me an example of team work - he was not satisfied with my answer as I was the team leader so he asked me give me an example of team work when you were not a leader.

Give me an example when you delivered a difficult message and what was the outcome.

The assessment day consisted of an e-tray, group exercise and Partner Interview. The E-Tray was not too difficult however it was extremely time pressured, you will have a lot of documents to work through so make sure you read everything as your decisions can impact on the questions you are asked. Secondly you need to write an e-mail advising your client, Trafford Lea on three potential acquisitions 1) Online Business, 2) Chain of local book shops 3) Mix of online and book shops. I would recommend either using a simple Strengths and Weaknesses framework or SWOT (but only if you are comfortable). Above all make sure you don’t run out of time because you need time to check your work for simple grammatical errors (the partner picked up on this and he was not impressed!). Afterwards we had lunch at Pizza Express with a few Consultants, you’re not being assessed but try to engage them and ask about their work.

The afternoon session comprised of a group exercise and partner interview. This is where it went horribly wrong for me. As a group we had to decide where we should locate a new theme park based on “happiness levels”. Anyway we each had information about a particular site and we had to sell our location to the other team members, we were not allowed to decide by voting but through pure persuasion. We were a disaster as we choose two sites not one and we did not utilise the flip chart adequately. In hindsight we should have rotated the person writing on the flip chart and we should have used a simple pro/con analysis.

The Partner who I later found out uses a stress technique put me under a lot of pressure. First he said our group was “rubbish” and asked me why I didn’t intervene and take a more pro-active approach. Secondly he commented on the mistakes I made on the written exercise which I could not justify. Afterwards he allowed me to present my findings to him, you’re not expected to stand up and present using slides but you will be probed on your decisions so make sure you can justify them, for example I was asked What are the people factors - talk about not only the employees at both firms but the supplies, shareholders and consumers. Following on from this question I was asked How would you inform staff being made redundant. Lastly I was asked what are the key considerations when merging two systems? Don’t become too defensive about your views (another mistake I made), if you have missed something, admit and move on. Next we had a role play exercise, where I was working for him and we were working on a potential consulting project. He asked me what would Deloitte look for before taking on any work? I suggest you talk about the usual issues - Staff, Costs, background check on the client. Finally he threw three quick questions at me Why Deloitte, Why EA, Why consulting and he suggested I answer them in that order which I was not comfortable with. He cut me off when I answered the second question as he had to go to Japan to meet a client! Despite all the negatives he gave me constructive feedback, I had to work on my communication skills as I talked over him a few times (although he acknowledged I’m a very talkative person!). Also I must think before I speak because “40% of what I say is excellent but the other 60% is below standard.” Anyway I have every intention to apply for EA again. Hopefully my experience will help others!


Great post mate, it will be helpful and good luck for next time, and i wonder if he knew he was going to japan or did he just randomly remember in your interview, oops ive forgotten ive got to go japan lol


Lol!No idea but he appeared in a rush and we couldn’t start the group exercise on time because he was on the phone to his client. Are you going for consulting?


No im not, im actually going for audit, but the parts excluding the case study info will still be relevant for me, so thank you for the help.


hi ,

just did numerical test an hour ago but have yet to receive verbal test. does anyone know if it is meant to be an instant response? am very confident got all the questions right because have done loads of these tests now so passing shouldnt be a worry but am starting to wonder if i didnt submit properly etc?!

a quick response would be appreciated!!


No normally you will get a reply within 24 hours but the latest would be 72 hours


No worries and best of luck!have you got an interview with Deloitte coming up?


great post man, and sorry for harsh turnout, im sure the other companies should be fine with your age! believe me, my brother is 24 and he has just started a grad scheme with a ‘big four firm’ (not deloitte tho).


thanks for posting staussy, i have just finished my numerical test, I am applying for TI, you did really well in getting to AC. it must be really competitive for consulting this year, their HR asked whether I would be interested in other divisions after I had applied, I think they have fewer good applicants for other divisions, consulting is definitely more difficult to get in than other divisions. anyway, good luck to everyone who is applying!


Thanks Ceegle, I was so annoyed I got so far yet I fell at the final hurdle. What do you mean they asked you about other divisions?Do you mean service lines/consulting competencies?


To staussy: After I submitted my application, they got back to me quickly asking whether I would be interested in other divisions other than the one I applied for, they didn’t say why but they said they were impressed with my application. I think what this implies is they hope to get more good candidates to apply to other divisions rather than consulting, as consulting is probably the most difficult to get in.


Consulting is definitely the most difficult to get into, I’m not sure about their intake this year but last year they took around 120. Have you decided to go for other service lines?


hey got my 1st round for strategy consulting next week. the woman called me and said would have competency based interview and and on the spot case study. anyone had this case study? also said i might be retested on numerical and verbal. anyone wanting to share experience or how they are prepping for interview? i am going over competencies and just learning more about consulting in general and assume will be a standard case study with me highlighting a few strategies for improvement.


Make sure you have 2 examples for each competency. The chances of a retest are low to be honest.


Thanks Staussy for the tips
I’ve got my phone interview tomorrow…


No problem, could you please post your questions? All the best for tomorrow!


thanks a lot… will do. anyone had any experience with the case study?


Thanks :slight_smile:
I will definitely do that


goldenboy1, can you please post your phone interview questions?


goldenboy1, can you please post your phone interview questions?