Deloitte 2011 Consulting - Assessment Centre Guide


Hi Allecham - I had my First Interview on 10 June, they emailed me on the 15th to say that I had passed to the AC and I got a call on the 17th to book the AC which is for next week (23rd).

Hope that helps?


Hey realtine,

I was wondering if you could tell me which country are you in.
Got my AC tomorrow and i have no clue on how the system works here in Dubai.

Any advices?


Hi All

Firstly does anyone have any potential commercial awareness stories specifically for Consulting TI which I could read up on for the AC?

Meow xD - my AC is for London so I don’t really have a clue how it works for Dubai… Good luck! Sorry couldn’t be any more help.


Hi meow xD,

Can you please share your AC experience with us all here.

Also if you can provide your own analysis of the following sections ( on the lines of Chris_10, bless him/her )

Topic for written exercise.

Case study presentation

Partner interview and

Group exercise

Thank you and waiting for your response


realtime - thaanks for the wish =)
and its arite…got done with my AC.

application1 - my AC experience was really good, but from what I’ve read about the AC online it was really different. We had 3 group activities and just one individual test.
They started with the introduction as to what an AC is.
there were 4 groups with 8 candidates each.

First group activity was about a town named Al Disaster and each group was assigned 2 assessors who handed out one situation to one candidate. Being the 1st candidate who received the situation, i was expected to read it, understand it and then explain it to the rest of the group. Then take down suggestions and as to how the situation should be handled. [Situation - I’m the principal of a school in Al Disaster. A shooter has entered my school and has started to shoot randomly. What should i do to get the children and teachers to safely out of there] I was given a total of 5 minutes to do everything and after i was done discussing with my group I had to stand up and explain everything to my assessors. I was a little tensed at first but since I dont have a problem in talking to people i was fine.
This happened with the next seven people with different situations.

We were given a break for 10 minutes to relax as everyone was really stressed.

The second exercise was that each group was handed out one/same case study and were expected to do the SWOT analysis and the budgeting for a firm. [Keeping in mind that you’re from Deliotte]. The groups were sub divided and 4 people would do the budgeting where as the other 4 would do the SWOT analysis. Only 30 minutes were allowed for this activity. In the end each group was told to save the PPT file in flash drives (provided by them) and hand it to them. Then 2 people from each group went up and explained the presentation.

The third exercise was fun. The groups were sub divided again this time allocated by the Deliotte people. The 4 candidates were given a limited number of resources and each candidate had certain requirement, all this written in the papers handed out by them. The resourses were expected to be allocated among the 4 candidates wise fully.

We were then taken to lunch and then had to sit through a presentation in which they told us a lot about Deliotte.

The individual test was hard. We were supposed to do the budgeting and handle the company as a general manager. [SWOT analysis and an auditor’s report should be included]

So this is what happened for my AC…wasnt expecting it but over all it was a good experience.
Best of luck to all the others.
Hopefully this is good enough realtime =)


Hi Guys - I have just completed the Final Round AC for TI and thought I would provide feedback.

Day started with the E-Tray exercise - basically you get 60 minutes to answer approx 25 emails - it is time pressured but as long as you keep all the windows open it is fine. Second part is the written exercise - you have a choice of 3 companies for the firm to take over and you have to choose one, explain why, and why you wouldn’t recommend the other two. You also need to take some written notes for the partner interview. You get 50 mins for this section.

We then went for lunch to Pizza Express with a couple of consultants - all very friendly and informal - nothing is seemingly being assessed.

After lunch we had the group exercise. Each of you gets a certain bit of information and you all discuss it without being too forceful and agree a common answer. Sounds complicated but quite simple.

Lastly was the Partner Exercise - this lasted about 30mins and we went through the written exercise and I had to justify my decision (using notes taken earlier). We then discussed why Consulting and personal motivation. Lastly I asked the partner a few questions and that was it.

Hope it helps


Hi all,

Thanks a lot for the direction. I went through the process last Friday it was I think and I heard on Monday that I was selected.
The fact that the offer was low, is a different story!

Not a lot has changed actually. My day went like this:
0. Presentation by senior partner (He was late by 15 mins, bless him)

  1. An hour interview with partner.- Discuss CV, aspirations etc
  2. Case Study prep + presentation - the standard ITV case study
  3. 1 hour written exercise - An education and information piece for some client managers
    lunch for 1 hour
  4. group discussion - Some Matollian community, they are in trouble , they are drinking a lot. You need to save them. Everyone needs to select their top 5 remedies from a list of 10. The aim is to ensure that your top 5 are in the collective top 5!

Top tips:

  1. Sell yourself because that is what you will be doing one way or the other eventually in consulting firms.
  2. take breaks otherwise, you will lose steam as I did before #3 above
  3. Talk a lot in #4. They do notice it
  4. Prepare well in advance, use this forum to prepare. It helped me

Overall, the Deloitte offer was disappointing. If money is a prime objective steer clear otherwise you will waste time.

Good luck everyone


Hi All,

I have a manager AC coming up soon in the Technology Integration strand.

I would be really grateful if someone could elaborate on what I should expect in the case sturdy and the written exercise. Details would be greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks


Hi All - Has anyone gone through the 2012 Assessment Day?


Hi Kaykayes

Thanks for your helpful comments.

I gave my AC last Friday and I was wondering that by which time on Monday did they tell you about the results (i.e before or after - noon)
. I know it seems desperate but just wanted to know



Does anyone have any additional information for experienced hires?

I have my AC coming up shortly and am very worried first about the written, I was told the case study is standard across the board, and usually involves an ERP question?

My second worry is the presentation, again from what I have read and been told this could be a serious of scenarios and have to pick one.

Can anyone provide more information help etc ? would be much appreciated?



Hi upcomingDAC,

Did you get your feedback yet? also are you able to give feedback on how your day was?



This is very helpful! Thanks a lot for sharing.



Has anyone attended an AC day recently, I’m due to attend one next month and am looking for any current information?

Many thanks.


Any tips on the written exercise around Project 2? Any tips on what information to focus on while writing to the client managers using the information from the slides shared with the senior management?