Deloitte 2011 Consulting - Assessment Centre Guide


I provide below details of the Deloitte 2011 consulting experienced hire assessment centre as follows.


All candidates are in one room with a large circular meeting table. This is where we were all day so you undertake all exercises in here (including the written exercise and presentation preparation and group exercise) in here, except the interviews themselves - the interviewers come and collect you. The schedule for the rest of the day will differ to that of your other candidates - e.g. you may do the written exercise first but partner interview later, and vice versa for another candidate. Even lunch is at different times. The only common part of the day is the group exercise at the end of the day.

Introduction (30 mins)

First half an hour is a presentation by a senior manager in Deloitte about the area of Consuting that you are being recruited for (e.g. enterprise applications, or technology integration). Make sure you ask some questions as it is important to demonstrate your interest and it is likely that you won’t find out everything that you need to.

Written Exercise (1 hour):

Written exercise case study based on a pharmaceuticals firm called Medicare - they have implemented an Enterprise Resource Planning system as part of ‘Project 2’, a business transformation project in the USA. Deloitte have been hired to evaluate Project 2, and advise Medicare on the rollout of Project 2 (the implementation of the ERP system) in Europe. A presentation has already been given by Deloitte to the senior management team (the board) and this is included in the information pack. Your task in the written exercise is to prepare a handout to managers of Medicare, educating them about Project 2 using the enclosed presentation, to a maximum of two pages. You are given Deloitte headed notepaper and pencils and you need to hand write the two page summary report of managers.

Presentation case study (1 hour to prepare a 10 minute presentation, presentation and questions in a 45 minute slot):

Presentation case study based on a ‘Large German Bank’. The LGB is currently having a number of issues with regard to the management of their content and data, including:

  • overnight batch run of performance data is unreliable and has to be manually edited afterwards
  • problems with financial and performance reporting to senior management due to legacy systems, inaccurate data
  • no proper tracking/storage of both paper and electronic documents meaning lack of regulatory compliance
  • inconsistent means of accessing information - different users use different applications to access data, and no user profiling (i.e. every user gets same view of data regardless of seniority/role).
    There is also a lot of apathy to the support teams and across different parts of the business as to the problems.

You have been asked to prepare a presentation to the account manager and other key stakeholders describing the main opportunities for Deloitte to help resolve the issues and any ‘quick wins’. Deloitte are looking for: is the presentation well structured, the content of your presentation, and your own presenting style.

Some questions are asked by your interviewer about your presentation and the solutions and opportunities you have identified. This is then followed by competency questions, do not be surprised if you are asked again ‘why do you want to join Deloitte?’, so make sure you have an answer prepared for this.

Senior Partner Interview (45 minutes)

This interview will be taken by a senior partner in the business unit you are applying for. I expected questions about Deloitte, the market that they operate (commercial awareness, Deloitte and how they differ). I didn’t get any of these questions but I did get asked about my knowledge of specific field of which I applied (e.g. business intelligence) and where I saw the future of this area. Then questions about my own commercial experience, including a tricky question about where I have been faced with and have had to overcome a moral or ethical dilemma. Also key competency areas in consulting, for example, leadership. A key question is ‘why do you want to join Deloitte?’ so make sure you prepare an answer and are convincing as to what you can bring to Deloitte and what you can offer. A key part of being a consultant at Deloitte is their ambition to take on greater responsibility and progress to more senior positions, so make sure your answer tallies with this.

Lastly, ask plenty of questions to demonstrate your interest in the position, this is an essential part of the interview.

Group Exercise (30 minutes)

At the end of the day will be the group exercise. You are given a case study based on the ‘Mondalians’, a fictional community who have been getting depressed and drinking more because of various factors (of which I can’t fully remember!), the result of which is that money is running out and you have to cut something from a list of suggestions (e.g. ‘spend 5% less of healthcare’, or ‘ban all drinking’) every month until all the suggestions have been used. For the first 10 minutes you read the case study and prioritise the list as your personal ranking (e.g. what you will cut in order). Then the assessors arrive in the room, and the group exercise begins. You have 20 minutes to then come up with a group ranking discussing as a group, the point being to make sure that 3 of your personal top 5 appear somewhere in the top 5 of the group ranking.

It is vital that you contribute to the group discussion for you to be successful. Also, keep a close eye on the time, periodically throughout the task. Every team member had the same information, unlike other Deloitte group tasks mentioned on Wikijob.


Hope the above helps and good luck with your application to Deloitte in 2011!


Hi Chris_10

Thanks for your write up which is brilliant. I have my first interirview and was wondeng if you can share your experience




Did you get asked anything about Trafford Lead or have they changed the case studies for the 2011 assessment days? I’ve got mine coming up and any advice would be much appreciated!



Hi Jaspot,

I have my first interview next week. Please can you tell me abt your experience.

From the previous threads i understand its still the trafford Lead.




When you arrive for you first interview they will give you a case study on a Council and ask you to read it for 15 minutes. It is 3-4 pages long so watch your time. Basically it is asking about 6 smaller councils being merged into one main one and they propose some cuts in HR and finance.
When i was taken in for my interview he started with questions like why deloitte and why the service line. I unfortunately didn’t revise this very well but i clearly managed to bluff my way through it. Also they asked why consulting.
The next part was questions about the case study. It was quite intensive and asking about how you would stick to the budgets etc. Cant really remember the details because it was a month ago.

Then the next part was about competencies. I had a look on the other wiki threads and then their list of competencies. Learn 2 examples for each because they will ask you. This is the part i know i did well one. Just be over prepared i’d say.

Hope that helps!


Thanks Jaspot.

What role did you apply for?



Hi Jaspot,

Sorry to be a bother can you please expand on
the competencies asked



This is a very helpful and comprehensive report. Regarding the presentation section, I am wondering what style should it look like, for example should it contain diagrams or figures, or just text presented in a logical manner ?

Could I say the presentation is another case study where the candidate is required to demonstrate the problem, solution, and other considerations ?

I am wondering if you could elaborate further on this part.

Thank you,


Simple advice.

Read news articles on Deloitte.

Take your time with the e-tray. I found I had 20 minutes left.

Take good notes when writing the email. This will be used in the partner interview.

When you present why you chose a certain company be honest. ie:old fashioned, technical difficulties. No wrong answer just be sure to back it up and stand firm.

Look into mergers and acquisitions and what this means for the company.

Else be interesting and hopefully you will have enough work and life experience that everything will link together.

Good luck



I have just passed my first interview for consulting EA, and am waiting for an AC. I am very worried that spaces will fill up before i have a chance to attend an AC. Is anyone in the same position? Anyone else going for EA? I sent my application in November so im worried that i will be bottom of the list as i gather thats quite late! Any info would be greatly appreciated. PM if anyones wants some details of the EA first round interview.



Hi Olacina,

I am in exactly the same position as you at the moment. I’ve applied for EA and found out over a week ago that I had passed my first interview. I’m waiting for an AC date, but I didn’t apply until February and I have no idea how long it will be before I will be given a date. I have a few contacts at Deloitte who have told me that EA is always the last stream to be filled (along with TI) so hopefully there will still be quite a few spaces left!

Good luck!


Ive also heard theres only 25 spaces left!


I had my first interview for EA on the 16th March, am still waiting for an assessment centre, does anybody know if it normally takes this long?! I keep emailing and calling but i’m just getting told the same thing: they will let me know.
also i was told last week EA is full and I’ve been moved to TI, now trying to quickly get up to speed on TI projects.


I had my first interview at beginning of May and they called me for the AC which will be next week! I think it takes some time for them to get back after the first interview.

I was informed that I will need to write an essay as part of the written exercise. Is it really writing an essay or case study as Chris_10 mentioned above?

Can anyone help please?


congratulations of getting an assessment centre? what have you applied for if you don’t mind me asking? I don’t undderstand how they assign AC places, I still don’t have one and I’ve been waiting since the 16th of march! My friend, who applied last year and got a job in TI, told me that you have to write a report on your e-tray and the decisions you made and why. I don’t think there is much prep that you can do for that section.
Good luck!


I applied for experienced technology consultant position. I’ve done the application through an HR agency and they were chasing Deloitte to get the feedback after the first interview. Good luck!



I have first round of interview with Deloitte (London) - Consulting TI next week.
It’s 1hr interview. Can someone please help with the questions to prepare? It’s for experienced hire position.

Plese help ASAP!!! Will it involve any case study???


In my experience they usually ask behavioural style questions for the first interview - so things like ‘give me an example of a time when you negotiated with someone you were not familiar with’ or ‘tell me about a time you worked successfully in a team’. Questions are usually around team work, motivation, initiative, time management. Try and read the paper in the days before your interview so you’re prepared if they test your commercial awareness.

Case studies are in the second/final round.

Hope that helps!


Has anyone had an AC for Consulting TI Graduates recently for the 2011 intake? I have mine coming up next week and would love any tips.


hi real time

Congrats on making it through to AC. I’m still waiting for a place to open up so i can go on AC day for TI too, was just wondering how long it took you between finding out you made it through to booking the AC day?? It’s taking over a month for me and like others, I’m anxious spaces have run out!