Deloitte 2011/12 Graduate Scheme - CF


Hi guys, just been made an offer for Restructuring Services in CF and wanted to give tips etc as I used this forum for all my research etc.

Application form: Read the whole of the Deloitte grad website, watch videos, read the Wiki page. Just understand and know what Deloitte do, and recognise what they’ve achieved. Read the first 10 pages of the annual statement. Then the questions such as ‘Why Deloitte’ and ‘What will you be doing in the first year’ will be a doddle. I applied back in August so would suggest doing the same if you want to get the popular roles (i.e. ones in London)

SHL tests: Maths/Verbal. Not gonna lie, the questions aren’t really hard - it’s the fact it’s time pressured that makes it hard. Do an absolute shed load of practice - SHL website is pretty good for a mock. The verbal is also pretty straightforward but the time makes it harder.

E-Tray: Written and multiple choice exercise on Trafford Lea company. There’s a lot of info on these forums so just go on Google, type in ‘e-tray Deloitte wikijob’ and then just look at all the results from Wikijob. The written exercise is about your writing style and justification IMO. I didn’t even finish the written task and was convinced i’d failed! I found out I passed a week later, and waited about 3 more weeks for first interview.

First interview: The key here is preparation. I wasn’t asked a single question that I hadn’t already been asked. Again, search Wikijobs - make a Word document of EVERY single question you can find that’s related to Deloitte interviews. I had about 3 pages worth of questions I think. Try and build a rapport with the interviewer - try and be relaxed as possible. I got asked the following questions:

  1. Example of a hard decision i’ve made.
  2. Example of time when gone the extra mile for a customer.
  3. Time when i’ve planned ahead.
  4. Worked as part of a team.
  5. Time you’ve adapted.
  6. Time you’ve done a presentation.
  7. Time you’ve been motivated.
  8. A time when you’ve paid attention to detail.
  9. What do you know about the qualification you will be getting?
  10. What are you going to do in your first year?

Think that was pretty much it. 5 of the questions I had to give 2 examples of, and all of them had follow up questions such as ‘what would you do differently next time’ etc etc. I found out I passed a week later and had the interview 2 months later!!!

Partner interview: This started with a chat to the partner. I made an effort to make conversation on basic things - having a good day, are you busy etc etc. Try and do this as it makes the interview a lot more relaxed. I then had to give a presentation on a company that I would like to buy. Questions that came up after:

  1. What made you choose this company?
  2. How did you find out about this company?
  3. If you had £1,000,000 how much would you invest in this company?
  4. What’s the turnover? What’s the profit? What’s the EBITDA (I didn’t know this one, so just was honest and said I didn’t know!)
  5. What’s the share price?
  6. Who are the competitors?

Then conversation lead to these indirect questions:

  1. Why do you want to do accountancy when it’s really boring?
  2. Why Restructuring?
  3. Tell me about yourself
  4. Why Deloitte?
  5. What sells Deloitte the most to you?
  6. Why not KPMG/other scheme you’ve applied to?
  7. What would I have to say to make you choose Deloitte over any other scheme?
  8. What are your strengths
    9… What are your weaknesses
  9. Have you got any questions for me?

Advice for this round: Be relaxed, be talkative, smile, tell light hearted jokes etc etc. Just build a relationship so they can see themselves working with you! Also make sure you have about 4-5 questions prepared for the partner afterwards! I asked things like ‘fave thing about Deloitte?’ ‘what’s your story?’, then specific ones about the scheme.

I found out the next morning at like 7:30am!

Best of luck guys, happy to answer any questions you post on here.


hello stanmoor,
firstly congratulations on your offer.
I had cleared the e-tray and now have the first interview on the the third.
Im trying to prepare for the possible questions they might ask, competencies, about deloitte, etc.
Can you please tell me the questions that you were talking about that you made 3 pages long, so I know I did not miss out on any?

Also, from your first interview questions, you were not asked anything about deloitte and only were asked about competencies?



Congratulations stanmoor. Great to hear.

I bet it was easy to answer ‘why not KPMG?’


Congrats stanmoor,

thanks for bothering to share your experience.

Just wondering what did you answer to the ‘‘What would I have to say to make you choose Deloitte over any other scheme?’’ question ?



Cheers guys. bt_1000 - I wasn’t actually negative about KPMG as I was told never to disrespect a company in an interview, but I still managed to give reasons as to why Deloitte’s scheme was better than KPMG’s!

marj - Just go on google and type in ‘deloitte interview wikijobs’ and then click ‘more results from wikijob’ when it loads up. Then you will see all the topics on WikiJob that are about Deloitte. You can compile a list of questions - the list build up real quick!

Vitto - personally, for me it was easy to say why Deloitte over others. If you read the annual report it’s obvious that Deloitte know exactly where they want to be in 5 years, and they are keen to innovate. I didn’t see any evidence of this in KPMG’s annual statement so that was one of my reasons. I said others, but it’s all down to you really!

Good luck.


Hi guys,

As for the “Why not KPMG why Deloitte question” I believe the best approach would be to speak of your first impression, because in terms of the companies themselves, both are amazing so would be difficult to distinguish them. Here’s an example of what you can say:

"It all started off in the second year of University when I decided to visit the careers fair. After wondering around I saw many different stalls such as Accenture, KPMG, Deloitte and so on. When I wondered to the Deloitte stall, I did notice that the staff where extremely friendly and kind and were willing to answer all my questions. I got along with them and from that moment, I knew that I would thrive in that kind of environment.

I am sure KPMG/other professional service firms also have the same culture however, it is the first impression that lasts … "


Please help i have a first round interview at Deloitte from my research it will be mainly competency based questions but i struggle as i know should follow the STAR approach. I do not have many examples went to uni and was a treasurer at a christian society, and work part time in retail any advice/examples will be very much appreciated. Thanks