Deloitte 1st round interview - please help!


Hey everyone,
I have a first round interview at Deloitte for a position in Audit. Just a few days ago I was quite confident about my preparation, but the more I think about it the more nerve racking it is becoming. The thought of a crazy question or unfriendly interviewer kills all my confidence.

I read much about interviews at Deloitte on these forums and the specific section for the firm on the website, but still have a few questions and would appreciate if someone could help me.

Firstly, as I noticed the most common competency based questions are about teamwork, communication/presentation, planning/organization, leadership, decision making and commercial awareness. Just wondering how LONG and THOROUGH do the answers have to be? I have plenty of examples, but many of them incorporate like 3-4 competencies. Do you guys just focus on one, excluding all the others, or mention them all and then start expanding on the one asked? Secondly, I might have like 10 different examples all together for 5 competencies, but it might be not enough if they start asking about competencies I did not prepare for, such as adaptability or flexibility. In other words, how to make sure you don’t run out of examples too soon? :slight_smile:

Thirdly, i am a little bit confused about the commercial awareness questions. The ones why Deloitte, why Audit, good/bad company, what would you be doing in the first year, ACA studies etc. are more or less clear. But I am not so sure if I could talk about the accounting industry, its main challenges and issues in the background of the credit crunch, mark-to-market debate, the differences between the Big4 (honestly, i don’t think there are any major ones). Any suggestions where I could review the most essential bits to those questions?? Any help or suggestions very appreciated.



they ask you for 2 examples of each competency, so make sure you have that prepared! be ready to go into a good amount of detail as they will ask you for more info/ question you further on some things. but i think sticking to the star technique is good!
chances are you will be asked something you’re not 100% prepared for - just take a sip of water so that you have a bit of thinking time and say whatever you think is the most appropriate. adapt one of your examples to the competency they’re looking for and if they ask you something you really can’t answer, don’t be afraid to admit it. they are looking for an honest person.

there’s a lot of info on this site tbh- more than enough to give you all the information you need!


Oh No, I haven’t prepared for leadership… cool_zero, I have the same worry as you. My interview is on THursday… nervous… I also can’t tell the difference between the Big4 LOL* good luck to you (and to me as well) !!!

Thanks noob for the advices~~


how was ur interview Jann-ning?

Anything worth to mention?

Any commercial awareness questions?



Dear coco,

I have passed the first interview happy. My interviewer was really friendly and I had a pleasant conversation with him. As expected, he asked me to provide two examples in five competency areas. Througout, he asked lotsa questions regarding my examples, eg ‘how many were there in the team’, ‘were there any disasters?’, I preferred it this way because it proved that he understood and had interest on what I was saying, so it made me tell more~

When’s your interview, coco? which division are u applying for?


how do they ask questions regarding the 5 competency areas? e.g. Adaptability?

I checked the interview questions for Deloitte on this website. it didn’t mention anything about adaptability.

many thanks


noob, thanks for advice, it really helped and seems i passed the first interview and have an AC coming up soon!

jann_ing, congratulations on passing the interview as well, maybe we’ll be in the same AC, who knows :slight_smile: Btw, which area did you apply to, maybe audit?

briandp, I don’t think Deloitte has this competency about adaptability. At least I haven’t heard that anyone had been asked this questions. But even if you were, just give an example when you had to maybe live in a completely new environment, work with completely new people, speak another language, in other words - when you had to adapt :slight_smile: As far as i remember, they asked me to give me an example about my presentation skills(x1), organization and planning (x2), teamworking (x1), decision making (x1), commercial awareness (why Deloitte, why Audit, what will your role be, how is Deloitte different, what’s the effect of the recent crisis on the firm, etc.)

Just prepare to the questions posted on the wikijob and you’ll be fine. Apparently, they don’t test you on some competencies, so you don’t even need to prepare for them thoroughly, just have in case an example you could talk about.

Good luck!


thanks cool-zero