Deloitte 1st Round Interview - Entrepreneurial Business



I have just got the invitation for 1st round interview with Deloitte’s Entrepreneurial Business.

Anyone here have had the same experience and mind to share?

Is it only competency based interview and what kind of competency they are looking for? Are the questions different for different service lines?

Apart from the competency questions, will i be asked other kind of questions?

I am also not very sure that which service line does this Entrepreneurial Business belong to…

I am feeling so nervous now!!

Thank you! I will post and share my experience after the interview!~~


Hi everyone.
These are the questions i got asked in my Deloitte interview for the EB team…

-Give two examples of when you have had to plan and organise.
-Give two examples of when you have set yourself a goal and achieved them.
-Give two examples of when you have had to make an important decision.
-Give two examples of when you have worked in a team.
-Describe a time when you have had to give a presentation.
-Why Deloitte.
-What other career paths have you looked into, why this one?
-What do you know about the EB team?
-What will you be doing in your role?
-What current factors are affecting Deloitte.

In the questions where you have to give 2 examples, I was given prompts such as…what was your role in this, how do you think it went, is there anything you would have done differently…etc which makes the process alot easier!
Hope this is of help.


I went for ERS…the questions didn’t seem different compared to the standard process however, be prepared to answer why you want to work in that department. You should show your desire to work in that kind of work they are involved within.