Deloitte 1st interview - tax - any tips?


Hi everyone

got the date for my first interview w/ Deloitte for tax (private not corporate). Was just wondering if anyone had any tips on how I should approach the interview? they said it’ll take about an hour an a half - what am I going to be doing for so long!? any help will be greatly appreciated!!!



The time will go very quickly.

Make sure you have thought of 2 examples to each competency they read them from a list so must have two for each. Know alot about the qualifiction you will be studying for. What you will be doing in your first year and about Deloitte.


Have a look at [[competency based questions]] and [[competency based interview]] too, if you haven’t seen them already!


The 90 minutes will be absorbed doing [[competency based interview]] questions and talking about why you want to private tax, why you want to work for Deloitte, what you already know about tax and Deloitte, and about your degree.

Make sure you understand recent changes in the tax system ([[10p tax rate]] and capital gains tax come to mind) that affect private individuals, and also make sure you develop an understanding of what you will be doing in your first year (will you be meeting clients or will you be at the office?)

Also, answer me this question as if it were the interview… Why do you want to do private tax?