Deloitte 1st interview- Financial Services Advisory Group



Ive just been notified that i am through to the first interview at Deloitte, London Office. Has anyone had this interview? Know what to expect?

Thanks guys


Did you have a look at [[Deloitte Interview Questions]]? Also look at [[Deloitte Consulting Interview Questions]] too.

I would get well versed on what’s happening in the financial markets at present- no doubt you are going to have to talk about it confidently.


thanks Chrism2671,

Its quite a niche area, i know. Im quite confused as to whether this area is part of Audit therefore I am slightly worried that they are going to ask me “Why Audit?”. This is because the area looks quite advisory/consulting in nature.


Hi, do you have any information for me about this interview? I completed the online tests a couple of weeks ago now and still havn’t heard back. But would be good to hear what kind of questions they asked at your interview as it is quite a niche area.