degree rounded up to 2.1 (overall 58.5%). does it matter?


Hi guys. Sorry, I"m here new and thought it would be best to post in an active sub forum.

So I got my degree classification today and it’s a 2.1. However after calculations my average turned out to be 58.5% so my uni was kind enough to round up.

I just wanted to know if this matters when filling graduate application forms? I’m worried that HR will look at my module marks and see that my 58.5% is a 2.2 and automatically reject me even though my degree classificaton is actually a 2.1. Does anyone have any ideas if they will reject me on the basis of my %? Is there anything I can write on the app to say I have a 2.1?



Hi there,

So, if you university degree written on your script and the degree confirmed by your university is a 2.1, you have nothing to worry about in terms of the beginning application stage. This is your grade and won’t impact whether or not you are considered. You just need a 2:1 in order to get your application considered by most big firms.

HR may review your specific module grades at a later date (or maybe even at Partner interview stage) and see they were slightly lower. You should therefore make sure your application is as strong as possible, putting emphasis on your experience and knowledge. Ensure at interview stage that you are ready for a question in relation to your grades. Point towards any higher marks you got and say what you have learned from any more difficult experiences you had with your exams.

I hope this helps! Good luck!


Exactly the same situation as for me mate. I have my interview coming up with Deloitte soon and it hasn’t been a problem so far. If they bring it up in the interview I’ll let you know but I suspect they only care about the final degree classification rather than the module marks.